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Make sure your bond is based on mutual respect.

It’s common to want respect from the little pint-size person running around your house. The bottom line about respect is simple, though: You won’t get it unless you give it. You can teach children how to respect by providing a solid example of respect for them to follow. Toss out any lingering beliefs that you can demand respect from youngsters. You earn it by modeling respect for them to see.


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    Teach the fundamental principle of treating others how you would like others to treat you. Put this lesson into real-life applications for your kids so they understand how it relates to them. For example, you might tell your kids that they should share with others if they want others to share with them.
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    Model tolerance of different appearances, beliefs and lifestyles. You might tell your kids, “Yes, that boy has brown skin that looks different from yours. But he's no different than you otherwise. I’m sure if you talk to him you'll find you have lots in common.”
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    Demonstrate speaking kindly and politely to all people, even when you’re stressed or out of patience. Just because you’re feeling frazzled, you don’t have the right to speak disrespectfully or harshly to others. Speaking kindly also ensures that you're teaching your kids compassion and consideration.
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    Insist that your kids never-ever hurt, insult, or threaten others. This, of course, falls under the treat-others-as-you-would-like-them-to-treat-you principle, but when it comes to violence and bullying, you need to make it clear that this type of behavior is always unacceptable. You should make it clear that even when dealing with anger or other unpleasant emotions, you have hash it out calmly and positively instead of resorting to negative behavior. Abide by these principles yourself, too -- and make sure your kids see you doing it. This is the most effective way to teach respectful behavior in negative situations.
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    Apologize to others – including your kids – when you make a mistake or when you wrong them. This sets the right example of taking responsibility for making mistakes -- and how to make things right.
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    Show the proper example of personal responsibility for your surroundings and property. Your kids will learn respect for surroundings when they know they need to clean up messes, keep bedrooms clean and do household chores.
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    Let your kids watch you respect your elders like your parents or other relatives. When you want your kids to respect you, show them how by modeling respect for your parents.

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