How to Have a Pink & Purple Party for a 5 Year Old: 4 Steps
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Pink and purple: an easy, inexpensive theme for a girl's party.

Let’s face it: for better or worse, little girls love pink and purple. They’re drawn to these girly shades like moths to a flame. And while you may be thoroughly sick of these overdone hues, your little munchkin dreams of living in a mauve and magenta castle in the sky–complete with violet ponies and bubble gum-colored unicorns. While a pink-and-purple party may not satisfy that particular wish, it can be inexpensive, easy-to-execute and provoke your little five-year-old princess into doing her happy dance.


  1. 1
    Make or buy your invitations–in pink and purple, thank you very much! It can be as easy as buying a few pieces of pink and purple construction paper. Cut out a piece of purple paper about as big as your envelopes. Now cut out a slightly smaller piece of pink paper. Center the pink piece on the purple piece and glue it on. Now you can either write the deets right on the pink paper, or use your computer to create the who, what, where and when that looks as fancy as you want it to. Add some pink or purple sparkles to the drab white computer paper to spice it up. Don’t forget to mention the theme of the party, and request the guests dress up in the colors of the day.
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    Decorate the party areas in pink and purple with balloons and streamers from a dollar store. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, grab a pink and/or purple table cloth, and make a base for all your food and drink. Pink and purple flowers would make a nice touch, in a pink or purple vase, of course. Wrap an empty tissue box up in pink tissue paper, wrap it around the center with a purple bow, then stick pink and/or purple fancy lollipops in that the guests can take home as party favors. Make a homemade banner with a shout-out to the birthday girl in pink and purple letters. Do each letter on a separate piece of paper and attach them to a string, which you’ll then hang against the wall, or get a long roll of paper and write it on that. Try to find some pink or purple dangling stars to hang from your ceiling to lend the room a certain magical, fairy-tale aura.
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    Gather your nibblies and drinks. Some ideas for foods include watermelon, purple grapes, pink wafers, grape jelly sandwiches, pink and purple jelly beans or other aptly colored candies. For drinks, serve pink lemonade, grape juice and strawberry-flavored milk in fancy, pink or purple reusable cups. Rinse the cups out at the end of the party and send them home with the guests. Make a simple white cake or cupcakes frosted with a buttercream icing infused with strawberry. Pile pink- and purple-colored chocolate candies on top–nothing says celebration to a five-year-old like cake covered in candy. Don’t forget the strawberry ice cream.
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    Plan some fun activities, such as a station set up to paint the guests’ nails in pink and purple. Set up an arts and crafts area with crayons, markers and stickers in your theme colors. Have some glue sticks and pink and purple decorations they can stick on their masterpieces–and presto, you have another party favor! Have a fashion show followed by dancing. Give the girls a costume chest to choose from full of--you guessed it--pink and purple costumes. Grab some feather boas in the choice colors from the dollar store (which, again, the guests can take home with them.) Once they’re all dolled up, blast the music and dance! Don’t forget your camera.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Envelopes
  • Decorations
  • Pink and purple nail polish
  • Costumes, including feather boas
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Pink and/or purple food and drinks

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