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A Mohawk is an easy way to change a child's look.

A Mohawk is a fun and easy way to give your toddler a different look. There are a couple of ways to give a toddler a Mohawk, depending on whether you just need the look for a day (say, as part of a Halloween costume) or you want to horrify the grandparents completely and keep the Mohawk around for a while. Either way, you can experiment with the style and, if you chicken out, either wash or shave the Mohawk off.


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    Apply gel to your toddler's hair, smoothing the sides back and flat and making a strip of hair an inch or two wide down the center of his head stand straight up. Begin at the center of the forehead and make sure the spiky strip is even all the way to the back of the head. This is a good option to try before actually cutting the hair; you can see how your kid will look, how his teachers will react, and how likely a Mohawk is to get him kicked out of preschool or daycare. If you only need the look for a day, perhaps as part of a costume, the gel version is the way to go.
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    Gather your courage and get out the electric hair clippers. If the gel experiment went well (or even if it didn't but you don't fear being discussed at the next PTA meeting), it's time to make a more permanent Mohawk. Make sure your child's hair is clean and dry, then sit the child on a chair or counter and drape a towel around his shoulders. Even if you don't normally let your toddler watch TV, this might be a good time to turn it on to keep him distracted and still. Set the hair-cutting guide to #2 and carefully cut hair on the sides, leaving a one- to two-inch strip of longer hair in the middle of the head. Some people like a Mohawk just on the top of head, while others like the strip to reach from the forehead to the top of the neck.
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    Bathe or shower the child to rinse off any loose hair and then towel hair dry. Apply a small amount of super-hold gel to the palm of your hand and work this though the Mohawk, making the long strip of hair in the center stand straight up. Do your best to keep the toddler from poking at the Mohawk until it's dry. This may well be the hardest part of the procedure, as he will be fascinated by it and want to touch it constantly.


  • For extra fun, consider adding color to make the Mohawk stand out even more. One option is spray-on hair color, available in the costume and novelty sections of department stores or drugstores. If you're concerned about the safety of a spray-on for your toddler, try coloring the hair with Kool-Aid or a similar drink mix. Purchase unsweetened drink mix in your child's preferred shade. To the powder, add a small amount of water and a dollop of conditioner, just enough to make a paste. Apply the paste to the strip of hair that will become the Mohawk and let it sit for as long as your toddler can stand it. An hour or more is optimal for a bright shade, but good luck getting a little kid to leave it alone for that long! When the hair is as bright as possible, simply wash with shampoo, let dry, and use gel to spike the colored hair into a Mohawk. (Depending on how light the toddler's hair is and how long the color sits on hair before being washed out, the color should last through anywhere from one to four washings.)


  • If you have never cut hair before, or are very nervous about the idea, take your toddler to a professional to have the Mohawk done. Although it may seem funny now to make a horrible mess of your toddler's hair, he may retaliate somewhere down the road. A purple Mohawk on an 80-year-old in a nursing home might not be as amusing as the same look on a toddler.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric hair clippers
  • Towel
  • Super-hold hair gel
  • Spray-on hair color, if desired

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