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Encourage kids to dress appropriately for the weather.

Sometimes getting kids to do anything they don't want to is like herding cats -- impossible! Young children may not like wearing warm clothes because they don't like feeling bulky, or because other kids aren't doing it or even because it's not "cool." Kids can be unpredictable with the things they decide to take a firm stand on. But never fear, there are ways to keep your little darling from getting frostbite even when she'd rather wear a swimsuit out in the cold.


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    Explain to your child why dressing warm is important. In words he can understand, tell him that not wearing a jacket, hat and gloves can make him sick, or can damage the skin that is not covered by clothing in bad weather. Of course, what clothes you insist on depend on where you live and the time of year. For example, January in Minnesota is probably going to require more forcefulness on the thermal underwear issue than Tennessee in November.
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    Allow children some say in their clothes. Take your child shopping with you and let her help choose her winter jacket and boots. If she has a say in the clothes being discussed, she will hopefully be more willing to keep them on and not fight you on wearing cute leg warmers with her jeans. For toddlers who may be too young to understand appropriate clothes at all, pick out a few winter outfits, jackets and accessories or boots and let her choose among the acceptable options.
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    Set a good example. If you wouldn't be caught dead in a hat or gloves, you can bet that getting your child to wear his hat is going to be a challenge as well. Even if you also hate dressing warmly, make an effort. In addition to decreasing your own risk of exposure, you will be showing your child that dressing warmly is important.


  • Be consistent. No matter what kind of temper tantrum your child throws at the prospect of snow pants during a blizzard, don't give in. Stay firm in your rules.Label all of your child's layers that she may be taking off at daycare or playgroup. Write your child's name on the inside of sweaters, coats, snow boots and any other likely culprits to get lost.

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