How to Fix Siri Not Working on Apple Watch (with Pictures)
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Siri the Apple’s iOS which work as a knowledgeable navigator and intelligent personal assistant which uses a natural language user interface to work on effectively and acts by delegating requests to a set of web services. The iOS is considered as the most prominent feature. Siri works out very effectively on all products of Apple. The mentioned Siri iOS feature doesn’t really matter to you whether you use it on Apple i-phone or Apple watch. With the evolution of technology with time, all the technical inventions matchup with the evolution and so does Siri iOS. In accordance with time and technical evolution Siri iOS has evolved and improved magnificently. The users have enjoyed every version of Siri iOS effectively. But as we know all evolution comprises some error, the Siri iOS even have such error which is a very minor issue and can be solved with just small guidance and help.

How to Fix Apple Watch Siri Problems

Some errors have been reported through source that Apple watch siri not responding effectively according to users command. May be the problem induced in creating such error may be due to software error or connection fatigues. May be the i-phone is not perfectly paired with the Apple Watch; even this reason can’t be avoided. And may be, if the microphone is blocked then it may create an error. If this happens then it almost may disable the iOS Siri as because your voice can’t pass in through the microphone if disabled.

Turn on WiFi

To get released of this unwanted problem you need to check at first if the Siri iOS is switched on or not in the i-Phone. You even need to be ensured whether your network connection via-WI-FI or cellular is securely connected with the i-Phone or not. Even the pairing language matters, both the devices pairing language must be same as because this may alter in wrong connecting information, so you may prefer for English, which is the best option to choose.

Siri not available

After checking out the entire mentioned facts still you are unable to connect the devices then some more simple methods can be followed to fix this iWatch siri not working error.

Since you need to connect your Apple watch with your i-Phone through Siri, you must follow and make sure of few things like-:

  • First of all you need to check your network connection, whether it is strong or not. If you are using either of these then get it checked and if you have option to use any of these then check both the connection, you need to connect with the stronger network as proper (WI-FI or Cellular).
  • After you get assured about the network connection, the second step is to turn off the Siri iOS. As you turn off the Siri, you must follow the process: (tap on) Settings-General-Siri. Siri is now turned off. Now again turn it on by just a swipe on the siri button.
  • As you turn on the Siri, you have to select the language in both the devices, as mentioned English is preferred.
    Hey Siri
  • Hold up the digital crown and speak “Hey Siri” to get it started. This will enable Siri to work on your Apple Watch. If you don’t find the microphone icon on the screen of Apple watch, then hold the digital crown pressed for few moments. If the problem persists then follow the steps in the Apple watch.
  • It is very simple to turn off and on your Apple watch, press the side power button two times, you need to turn it on finally.
  • Press the side button for around 10 seconds and even hold the digital crown at the same time. This will force the Apple watch to restart.
  • Resetting your Apple watch may let you lose all your files. The files may be erased automatically from the watch. Before you opt to reset finally, you must backup your data or files present in the Apple watch. You need to be sure at first about backup of all data and files. To reset follow the steps: General Settings-Reset-Erase all content and settings, tapping on step by step you will certainly be able to erase all the content and settings which may be the reason of your fatigue issues.
    Turn Aireplane mode ON
  • After you erase all the settings and contents from the Apple watch, turn on the Flight mode in it. Swipe the home screen-settings- Flight mode/Airplane mode. Following the process first turn it off and then turn it on again.
  • Now un-pair your i-Phone and Apple Watch

Again try to pair both of your devices, certainly it will get paired, if the problem persists then contact your nearest service provider to solve this issue or get an upgraded version of Siri iOS as applicable to your device. All the facts are certainly dependent on each other so better check it on your own way if can be solved.

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