How to Fix Common iPhone iMessage Problems in iOS (with Pictures)
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iMessage application and iMessage delivery is one of the most promising app that works great but some user are facing diverse issues like message not shows, delivery failing, message not marking as red, multimedia messages not downloading and in some cases you cannot see the photo of messages. If you irritate due to these problems then follow some tips to meet these problems with you message issues. We found two measure solutions to resolve the iMessages problem for IOS. These two solutions we got are very easy and will take few minutes to work properly but before network reset you have to attempt the quit and relaunch process.

Fix Common iPhone iMessage Problems:

1st Step: Reset network settings:

Reset networking setting is always a good option to iMessage troubleshooting. For failed multimedia message downloads or non delivery I messages you have to reset the networking settings. Networking setting is very easy and it will be done in a few seconds in this process normally your iPhone is reboot and it clear the entire Wi-Fi password that you already stored in your iPhone or iPad. So be careful about the password before doing reset network setting note down the Wi-Fi password. The whole process is like:

  • Fast of all go to the setting panel and head to “General”
  • After that scroll down to Reset and after then choose the reset network settings to fulfill your reboot IOS.

After the iPhone, iPod or iPad touch reboots Messages should now function perfectly without any problem.

iPhone Reset Network Settings

Some people pointing out that their multimedia messages are automatically deleting and say these are unusual but the interesting thing is these are the features of IOS not any kind of bug or something. If you don’t want to remove your multimedia messages repeatedly then you can turn it off also.

2nd Step: Quit the application of messages

Most of the people face this irritating problem that some time they get a fresh I Message alert but the new message never showing up in the message app. In that case you can make it visible by reload the messages app. Message reload means you have to quit the app and restarting it again. This is a very simple step to solve this problem the process is like:

  • 1st you have to double tap the home button
  • Simply swipe over the Messages app and apply the upward swipe gesture to push it off the top of the screen. This process quits the messages app easily
  • Again you have to back for the home screen for this you have to hit the home button and after then relaunch the message app again.
Swipe Message App on iPhone

This process automatically refreshes the app and the fresh messages will shows as usual without any problem. If you face the problem again then simply quit the app and relaunch it again or you can also reply when the quick reply alert shows to you.

Regarding iMessage Activation Errors:

Activation errors are not exceptional to any version of IOS but you can easily resolve it through the Apple ID. The new version IOS 8 update has gone immaculate for most folks; some of the users face these messaging problems in their iPhone, iPad or iPOD touch.

Some other possible fixes for the iMessage on iPhone IOS:

Here some other possible fixes techniques are showing to you. You can also apply these techniques to resolve your problems.

  • Check the Wi-Fi Proxies and networking setting:

Normally I Message runs with the help of 3G or Wi-Fi network. Some time weak connection of internet may be the cause of I message issue. So, fast check whether you are in the range of Wi-Fi or not. If you are using cellular 3G data then restart the Cellular connection. Most of the people face these problems due to bad network so this is not a big issue you can easily solve it.

  • Check the send and receive option:

In many cases, send and receive options, those normally related to Email Id and phone number configuration problem occurs. In that case you have to configure them perfectly. For this you have to follow these steps like

  1. 1st step: go to the settings then enter in to the messages then go for the send and receive
  2. 2nd step: There you find your number and Apple ID in the list. You can configure there.


The conclusion is so clear that these I Message problems are the genuine problem that occurs for the new updated version that is IOS . These are not such measure problems you can easily fix those problems with the help of some normal easy steps as per the discussion in the above. These problems normally occur for some network issues or profile configuration issue. The perfect reason is not clear till now but you can hope for the next updated version you will not face this type of problems further.

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