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Few things make moms as sad as seeing their kids sick.

Bored toddlers are never fun, and sick toddlers are even less fun. As the mother of a sick toddler, you certainly have your work cut out for you. Until your daughter’s temperature goes down, her food stays in and her mood improves, you have to work a little harder to ensure that she’s not bored. She might be a little lethargic, but that doesn’t mean she’s content to lie on the couch or in her bed and rest all day. It’s time for you to set the DVR -- your favorite talk shows will have to wait -- and figure out how to keep your sick little love entertained without catching whatever it is she has in the process.


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    Help your sick toddler pick out a few of his favorite books and read them to him. Prop him up in bed or on the couch with lots of pillows and blankets. Make him as comfortable as possible, and start reading. This activity will help you stay close to your son while keeping him entertained. If you’re lucky, he might even fall asleep at some point during his favorite Dr. Suess book and you’ll get a few hours of uninterrupted naptime to disinfect your house of his sick germs.
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    Take advantage of the moment when your toddler’s medicine starts to kick in and she feels good enough to get up and play by having a scavenger hunt. Tell her to wait in her room while you hide fun objects around the house in easy-to-find places and then give her clues to help her find them. She’ll think this game is so much fun she’ll want to play more than once. The bonus is that you can give her clues from anywhere in the house, which means you can catch up on laundry, dishes or bills while you play with your daughter.
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    Forget the rules and let him catch up on his favorite television shows. It’s okay to let him overindulge in television on an occasional basis, as long as it’s something educational and entertaining. If it's usually on after 8 p.m. and has more skin than vocabulary, it's not educational. Entertaining, yes, but not for a sick toddler. His favorite cartoons and movies will have him riveted, which means he will lie on the couch and get some much needed rest while entertaining himself helping Dora and Diego and their friends solve life’s biggest problems.


  • Stick to games and activities your child is familiar with. Since she is already sick, learning something new might frustrate her and make her grumpier than she already is.


  • Do not expect miracles. Sometimes your sick child wants nothing more than to lie on your lap and be cuddled when he’s not feeling well. This means you need to ensure you put off your other obligations and play nurse to your little one until he’s feeling better. Don’t feel discouraged if your fun ideas don’t resonate with him every single time.

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