4 Ways to Enable Accessibility Shortcut on Your Apple Watch
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Four Methods:Accessibility Shortcut on Apple WatchDescription of setting up Accessibility shortcutEnable Accessibility features without shortcutYou can also manage accessibility features using your device

We all know about Apple inc. and all the Apple products like iPhone, iPods, iPad etc. So Apple’s already popular wrist watch or gadget has also have the accessibility features from its Smart phone companion. As an iPhone user you should already know that you can enable special options like voice over, zoom, grayscale, invert colors and speech on your Smartphone. The first three options from the above details are also available on the watch. They can be enabled from the settings app on your wrist, or from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. All accessibility features are introduced to improve your user experience for those watch owners that have special needs and suffer from different types of impairments. You probably know that accessibility features are easily activated on your iPhone, via an action shortcut. When enabled, the selected options are rapidly turned on, by triple-clicking the home button.

Method 1 of 4: Accessibility Shortcut on Apple Watch

Without pronolonging the suspense, A pre-defined convenience feature can be enabled, on your smart watch, by triple-clicking the ‘Digital Crown’ option. The only difference from the iPhone is that only a single option can be enabled with this shortcut. On the smart phone device, if you choose multiple accessibility features, a pop-up menu unveils from the bottom of your screen and prompts you to select which option you wish to turn on. The nearby image shows an Apple Watch, displaying a message with zoom feature enabled.


Method 2 of 4: Description of setting up Accessibility shortcut

Grab your iPhone and open the Apple watch app. Browse to my watch app then to general and then access and then scroll all the way to the bottom for accessibility shortcut. Now chose between ‘Voiceover’ and Zoom. Both are helpful for those with the eyesight problems. ‘Voiceover’ speaks out the elements on the Apple watch screen for those that are not able to see them, while zoom considerably increases the display size, to aid those with very poor vision. The advantage provided by the shortcut is those users don’t need someone’s else help to reach the settings branch and enable the convenience feature. He/she can immediately or easily reach the digital crown and triple click it.


Method 3 of 4: Enable Accessibility features without shortcut

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    These features as the vision helping options like Grayscale, Bold Text, Reduce Motion, Reduce transparency and on/off labels, can be enabled from the watch or its paired iPhone.
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    Apple Watch from your wrist, tap the ‘Digital Crown’ option to open the home screen carousel. Now hit settings icon and browse for Accessibility. Here you find Voiceover, Zoom, Reduce motion, on/off labels. 
  3. 3
    Using iPhone via the Apple Watch app on your smart phone, navigate to My watch -) General Accessibility and find extra features like Grayscale or Reduce Transparency.
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    Conclusion: This is how you enable Accessibility shortcut on your Apple Watch. But besides this, there are some other features we all need to know about. Yes the other Accessibility features and technologies, I am talking about are:- a) Vision Section, which involves Voiceover, grayscale, invert colors and more, b) Hearing section, which involves Mono Audio, LED Flash for Alerts, and Hearing Aids. C) Interaction section, which involves switch control, Reach ability. There are also some alternate ways to turn Accessibility shortcuts on iPhone. When you turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for the first time, you can quickly enable ‘Voiceover’ or zoom to help you configure your device. Here’s how it is possible:

Method 4 of 4: You can also manage accessibility features using your device

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    Vision:- Voiceover, zoom, invert colors, Grayscale, Speech or Speech selection, speak, screen, speak Auto text, Larger text, Bold text, Button shapes, Increase contrast, Reduce Motion, On-off labels.
  2. 2
    Hearing: Hearing Aids, LED Flash for Alerts(iPhone Only), Mono Audio and Phone Noise Cancellation.
  3. 3
    Media:- Subtitles and Captioning & Video Subscriptions.
  4. 4
    Learning: Guided Access.
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    Interaction: Switch control, Assistive Touch, Call audio routing, Home click speed, Reach ability.You can manage your Accessibility features using iTunes :Connect your iPhone, or iPod touch to your computer with iTunes installed. Select your device. Click > Configure Universal access in the options section at the bottom. Select the feature you want to use and click ‘OK’. You can also Accessibility shortcut on iPhone by going to Settings App-) General-) Accessibility-) Turn Accessibility Shortcut off. This is the way you can enjoy, enable and manage accessibility shortcuts in your iPhone.


  • VoiceOver: Press the home button three times quickly.
  • Zoom : To enable zoom, use three fingers and double tap the screen. And to increase the level of zoom, use three fingers up or down on the screen to increase or decrease magnification.

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