How to Dress a Kid Like They Are from the 70's: 6 Steps
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Funky and far out! Give your kids a 70s fashion history adventure.

The 1970s may be just a distant reflection in a dusty disco ball, but there’s no need for young fashionistas to fret. With the right tools, a 70s-style revival is just a leisure suit and pair of go-go boots away. Preparing to dress your little ones like disco queens and hippies needn’t be overwhelming. The era ran the gamut from polyester to cotton and wild prints to tie-dye. So be ready to hit up secondhand and fabric stores, raid the attic and get creative. In no time, you’ll be rolling back the decades.


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    Choose the look you are after. Mini-skirts, high necked, floor length “granny” dresses, tube tops and flowy, flowery blouses all scream 1970s. Sequins, super-shimmery fabrics, spandex tops, short shorts and wide-flared pants all work for girls. Boys can kick back in one-size-too-small jogging suits, pullover sweater vests, one-piece jumpsuits or the true symbol of the 70s -- the gabardine leisure suit.
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    Finish the groovy look with proper footwear. With kids, nix the notion of sky-high platform shoes (add them to your outfit instead). Save an ankle by focusing on anything metallic or flashy instead. White, low-heeled go-go boots are safer, as are vintage-looking sneakers.
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    Make it a great hair day with some inspiration from Dorothy ("The Wedge") Hamill, Carol ("The Shag") Brady or Farrah ("The Flip") Fawcett. Or take inspiration from a younger Brady or Partridge Family girl and go with a poker-straight look. Boys may opt for John Travolta's pompadour or Jimi Hendrix's afro. There’s an option for every length and hair texture imaginable. If you're not talented with a curling iron or don't want to risk semi-permanent damage with a pair of scissors, look to a costume store wig to achieve some far-out follicles.
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    Add makeup, but keep it (mostly) understated. Aim for less naughty, more natural. Stick with frosted, light pink lipstick or gloss and put the impact on the eyelids. Here's where color comes in: Green or blue shadow (with a little shimmer and frost, applied all the way up to the brow) and black eyeliner do the trick. To keep a more youthful look, use eye pencil or lipstick to draw a whimsical flower or peace sign on the cheek.
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    Bling it - 70s style - with accessories. Headbands, bangles, macramé necklaces, peace signs, turquoise jewelry, puca shells, mood rings and charm bracelets add authenticity. Pop on some oversized sunglasses, thick gold chains, unbutton the top half of a dress shirt and...Pow! Bonus points for adding fake sideburns, moustache and chest hair.
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    Keep in mind the color schemes of the decade. Oranges and browns were hot, as were bright pinks, greens and blues. For the best look on the ultraviolet-lit dance floor, white was pure perfection. And, oh, the patterns. Eye-popping psychedelic prints, bold florals and chevron patterns will have your kids the talk of the block.


  • Get creative, have fun and think groovy. Hey, the 70s were all about expressing yourself. Now go grab your kids and teach them the "Stayin' Alive" line dance before you head out the door!

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  • Vintage fabrics
  • Wigs
  • Costume jewelry
  • Cosmetics

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