How to Dress a Child with a Larger Waistline: 6 Steps
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Dress your child in flattering and comfortable clothing to accommodate his body type.

Your toddler is growing like a weed in both height and weight, but his waistline is expanding faster than the rest of his body. Most clothes on the racks of your favorite children's clothing store that correspond with his age group fit just fine until you try to button them. Then it turns into a fight with a button, and you aren't going to win — at least, not without making your child incredibly uncomfortable. Dressing a child with a larger waistline takes some improvising to ensure they're comfortable and presentable, but it's certainly not impossible.


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    Select clothing that actually fits instead of trying to squeeze him into a pair of pants that is two sizes too small or throwing a shirt over his head two sizes too big that makes him look like he's wearing a tent. Shirts that flare out actually make your child's stomach look larger than it is.
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    Choose clothing that is bright and cheery since it's more age appropriate than similar options in dark colors. They might have a slimming effect, but may have a tendency to age your child a bit more than you might like.
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    Opt for shirts or dresses with diagonal stripes, which give a slimming effect instead of accenting the larger waistline.
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    Purchase pants with adjustable waists. Stick with drawstrings, elastics and other pants that have a bit of stretch to them to prevent pushing your child's excess tummy pudge from sticking out at the top. It might be tempting to force his favorite pair of jeans to button, but they'll also leave marks and make it very uncomfortable to sit or participate in many activities.
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    Shop around. All stores don't size their clothing the same way. Your child might fit into a size 3 at one store and a 5 at another. Once you find a brand that your child fits into comfortably, stick with it.
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    Bring your child with you when you shop. It's much easier to have him try on clothing to ensure it fits than to purchase clothes and bring them back later if they're too tight or not flattering to his body type and shape.


  • Allow your child to pick clothes in his favorite colors or characters. It might be frustrating for him to be limited to certain styles due to a larger tummy.

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