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Preschool photo day is special, so style his hair simply and choose his outfit carefully.

You may shudder when you think of your own school photos when you were small --. poofy hair, clothing in colors that could blind a person -- the list of potential offenses goes on and on. If you don't want your child to be embarrassed by his preschool photo when he's older, choose his attire carefully.


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    Choose classic, not trendy clothes. Solid colors and simple designs are more likely to be in style over the years, and the photos will still look good hanging on your living room wall. Avoid loud patterns and raucous colors, and superhero or princess costumes. He can be a superhero any other day of the week, but for school picture day, tell him that he's a hero, not a superhero -- but that he's your hero. Weird clothing distracts from your precious child's face, and the whole ensemble will look a lot less charming in years to come.
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    Ensure that your child's clothing is nice, but not overly fancy. There's no need for a 3-year-old to be in a suit that he can't play in. He's in preschool, not business school! Keep in mind that your child will be wearing this outfit for the entire day, and you want him to be comfortable, as well as stylish. For girls, a simple dress or nice sweater and pants are appropriate. For boys, jeans or pants and a sweater or buttoned-down shirt will look tasteful and well put together. If he balks at the shirt, let him wear a jersey. If she doesn't want to wear a dress, let her wear pants.
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    Allow your child to have a bit of say in clothing selection, if she's old enough to care what she's wearing. Avoid an all out fight. If she's stomping around because she can't wear her princess costume from last Halloween, give her two choices that are acceptable to you, and let her choose between them. You can also send a back-up outfit, in case the one you send her to school in gets juice spilled on it.
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    Avoid complicated hairstyles for school pictures. Even if you style his hair perfectly, if pictures don't take place until mid-morning, there will be a few hours for hairstyles to get messed up or fall flat. Keep it simple. If you're worried about your child's school portrait going off without a hitch, ask if you can pop by the school at that time. That way, you ensure that he is dressed appropriately, that his face and hands are clean and that his hair looks tidy.


  • Depending on your child's age, consider sending a wipe in a plastic baggie with her to wipe her face clean right before pictures, as well as a comb or brush to freshen up her hair. Or, you can give these items to her teacher when you drop her off in the morning.

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