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What is a startup? For internet businesses may already be familiar with the word "startup", why is that? Because a startup business is clearly different from their computer startup. But in this case, startup businesses do not like what you mean, but this is a computer startup. computer startup is a collection of application programs that run automatically when the computer is turned on. This program is actually pretty good for you guys who want to run all the programs that are needed when using a computer, but at the same time will also slow down the loading process when the new computer is turned on. Sometimes also interpreted as Resident Program: a program in the memory (RAM) to a computer in the ON state. Resident program always stand for use at any time, and a program like this would confiscate computer resources, although it is not being used.

You need to know, spur the slow performance of the laptop is not only a laptop that old age, but because too many application programs that are not needed and went for a walk along the more so that the laptop power is getting weaker and slower. If it happens, for some people who do not know this would think that the laptop had been attacked by a virus or damaged. All the charges are not always true, it could be because you put too many startup applications and windows require a lot of time to open or run existing applications on startup. Then how to solve it? Well, for that I will give a tutorial how to disable startup programs in Windows 7. By turning off unneeded programs, will speed up the process of loading a computer.

Let's get started!

This applies to windows XP, vista, and windows 7

Step one: Open the program "MSConfig" or system configuration on the start menu. Can also by typing Windows + R and type "MSConfig" and press Ok

Step two: Wait until the search is completed so that it appears as a tab below then click startup

Step three: In this tab will display a list of all the applications that run when the computer is turned on. Check all the applications that you want to turn off from the startup list and then click Apply and press Ok

Step four: Restart your computer to make and taste the difference. Computers will be noticeably faster when run, and you begin to organize what you want to run at startup program, but don't forget to limit so that the computer did not become slow with many applications running simultaneously.

Usually the application program easily accessible, then you will put on the startup programs so that every time the computer is turned on, the program will soon be launched. This method is practical and allows you to access a program. However, if the program is placed on a startup too much, then the performance will weaken and slow down your computer. So do not be surprised if your computer suddenly slows down, it could be because too many programs that you place in a startup. For that, you should disable some computer programs that can be re-optimized performance.

Installing the software is not something difficult, especially now that the software maker has been set for the installation of products as simple as possible, with minimal user interaction may involve. Everything is fully automated, runs by itself. All you need to do is run the installation program (executable file), agree with the agreement, and wait for the process is completed, then just use it. If necessary, the user simply doing one "mouse click" and the program is installed to finish. Very simple. It looks like this once in the process, users do not have the opportunity to exercise control over the installation process.

Unfortunately not much care about this. And in this way continue to be done every time you install a new program on the PC. Finally, we get is a situation where each application program will require a long time to load himself until he could begin to be used. For programs that are installed without any control from the user, it is not likely also install a support program which is a startup program (resident), that automatically run when Windows is loaded.

As described above, the result is clear, that most of the resources will be divided among all the computers startup program that are installed, even though we did not use any application. I think this is really a "disaster" for the performance of a computer device. The only remaining work to be delayed by a computer device that is very slow due to run out of resources. Under these conditions and did not need hope to play online games or rendering graphics files can be smooth.

Startup programs are in the computer in various ways, among others: Derived from the windows itself, as an operating system, Windows requires a lot of support in order to operate optimally, this support which came from a wide variety of programs Startup would be installed at the time Windows installation. It also comes with an application program that we install the device into the computer to help solve the various types of activities we are in the computer device. Besides usability or functionality Startup Program is to optimize clicking the program, sometimes also has a function that has little to do with the parent program, such as advertisers. Derived from Malware Infection or better known as viruses. In general, this malware is also a startup program that existence is clearly detrimental to the user.

So from now on you do not have to worry to solve this little problem, after you know and begin to apply it then you can tell us whether it works or run into other problems related. We will be glad to help solve them so that we can feel the benefits of turning off the startup program on the computer. Stay connected with our website.

Have a nice day!

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