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A faux fur rug will look wonderful and be cozy soft for play on the floor.

The shabby chic decor brings a relaxed and comfy feeling to a room, and what better place to make relaxed and comfortable than your toddler's bedroom. If you're worried about breaking the bank on your toddler's shabby chic new room, don't worry -- the shabby chic style makes it easy to do mostly thrift store and flea market shopping. The best thing about a shabby chic decor -- there's absolutely no reason to fret when your toddler dents and dings the furniture!


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    Install light stained hardwood flooring in the room or sand the current hardwood floor to perfection. If you'd rather skip the hours of sanding and refinishing every time the floor gets scratched or scuffed, opt for laminate flooring instead that resembles real wood. If you've already got carpet in the room, skip the remodeling and add a throw rug to tie in the colors of the room. Just think of it as extra padding for slips and falls.
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    Paint the room in light colors. It's difficult to obtain that shabby chic look in a darker colored room, and keeping the room bright and airy is more positive for your toddler. You can add a contrast wall with a little bit more color, but keep it to a minimum.
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    Embellish the walls with eclectic artwork. Pick up some random, colorful prints that coordinate with the room's color scheme. Add a few animal-themed prints as well if your toddler is a little animal lover. Go absolutely frameless for every print because frames are going to add order and elegance to the room, detracting from that modern, shabby chic look. You can have the images mounted on plaques to stand out a bit from the wall, but no frames. Help your toddler get a head start on her ABCs with some wooden letter artwork, and show off your own little artist's masterpieces on the walls, too.
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    Buy whitewashed or distressed furniture. The furniture can take up a lot of room, so you want it to declare your decor. Whitewashed furniture gives the hint of a crisp clean white, thus embodying the “chic” in your decor, while the washed appearance makes it look well worn and weathered, introducing the “shabby.” Distressed furniture brings in the weathered and aged decor of shabby chic just as nicely. Replace the handles and pulls on the furniture with some primary color or animal-themed handles.
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    Choose soft, light-colored bedding with shapes or letters to help stimulate your toddler's growing mind, or keep the light colors and find a comforter with pictures of your toddler's favorite characters. Bring in the worn and aged look with a shaggy throw blanket at the end of the bed.
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    Hang fabric at the headboard of your toddler's bed, but choose a wrinkly fabric instead of satin or soft netting. Sew on some ribbon ties at the top of the fabric to keep your youngster safe. When story time is over and it's time for sleep, roll up the fabric and tie the ribbons around it to keep it away from your youngster. It can be a safety hazard when left hanging down.
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    Add a plush, shaggy rug on one side of the bed. Find one in your accent room color.
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    Pick up a child-sized table and chair set (preferably with a whitewashed stain) for playtime and pretend tea parties. Toss a modern, satin-trimmed throw blanket over the back of each chair.
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    Install cordless blinds instead of curtains, and then add a valance to top off the room in shabby chic style.

EditThings You'll Need

  • Hardwood floors (or laminate)
  • Light-colored paint
  • Eclectic artwork
  • Whitewashed or distressed furniture
  • Light-colored bedding
  • Shaggy throw blanket
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Plush, shaggy rug
  • Child-sized table and chairs
  • Throw blankets
  • Cordless blinds
  • Valance

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