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If you want to Delete the Dropbox Account it can be done by using Delete My Account feature. But while deleting your Dropbox account it will also erases all data content which is stored in the cloud, Even to the protect files in Dropbox it has feature that is automatic synchronization it allows you to keep all of your files inside the Dropbox folder like backup files on your computer. Even though connection problems can lead to improper synchronization, before deactivate Dropbox account make sure the safety of your data by checking the Dropbox folder for missing files.

To Back Up Dropbox Files:

Step 1:

Click Windows-E to open File Explorer, to use your Dropbox folder select the Dropbox label, and then use the search bar in File Explorer to check for files by name. And check any files missing from the folder.

Step 2:

Get into the link enter your username and password in the Dropbox account link.

Step 3:

In the side-tab click the Files, Then if you want to download particular file click any unsynchronized files. While selecting the multiple files at once and continuously press the Ctrl key.

Step 4:

On the top of your Dropbox account select the Download button to download the selected files on your computer.

To Delete Dropbox Account:

Step 1:

On your Dropbox account page select your name, and from the drop-down menu click the Settings. Step 2:

Select the tab labeled Account Settings.

Step 3:

Under the Account Preferences section select the Delete My Account link.

Step 4:

Enter the password of your Dropbox account under the Please Enter Your Password dialogue box.

Step 5:

For deleting your Dropbox account by using the drop-down menu select one reason under Why Are Your Leaving? dialogue box.

Step 6:

To delete your Dropbox account click Delete My Account. And now your Dropbox account as been deleted.

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