How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently: 5 Steps
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Fed up with the social media world as well as your privacy's vulnerability? In case the fact is positive and you've arrived at you toll, you'll most likely be searching for methods to delete your Instagram account permanently.

If it is your situation, we would really like to clarify step-by-step how to close your instagram profile and delete the app.


  1. 1
    Visit the official Instagram web page and type in your account username and password.
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    Choose the "Edit profile" option you'll obtain on your Instagram wall as well as beside your user name and search down towards the bottom from the page, on the right you'll get the " I want to temporarily disable my account" option.This will likely only turn off your account till you would like to activate it just as before.
  3. 3
    Select your good reasons for deleting your Instagram profile around the listing and you're completed!
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    As soon as you've done this, you should have the possibility to completely delete your instagram account. You'll simply need to adhere to this link without having signing out of the account, provide your reasons for removing your account and you're performed!
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    In case you have lost your password, because you will have to re-enter it to be able to delete it permanently, the only method to obtain it back would be to select 'Forgot password' key immediately and recover your account's password.However, in case you have next thoughts, if you wish to recover your deleted Instagram account, it's as simple as re-entering your email and password into Instagram. Nevertheless, your images might be gone, and everything that will show up is the old username.


  • You are able to only delete your Instagram account on a laptop or computer, performing from your smart phone will simply temporarily disable it.

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