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Encourage your little one's independence.

Are you the type of mom that hovers over your child? You may even be teased about being your toddler’s shadow. Overbearing parents usually have their hearts in the right place; they are only trying to protect their children. However, breathing down your child’s neck every second of the day may have an adverse effect. The more controlling you are, the more your child may start to pull away. Encourage her independence and learn to recognize the right times to forfeit control.


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    Examine the reasons behind your overbearing qualities. Sometimes if you take a close look at the way you are towards your children, it can grant you insight and help you change the behavior. Maybe your mother was the same way and you’re emulating her parenting style? Whatever the reason, learn from the past to fix the future.
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    Let the child choose their own extracurricular activities. According to a 2008 study published in The Journal of Personality and conducted at the University of Montreal, researchers found that overbearing parents were more likely to have children who became obsessed with their hobbies. Children of less controlling parents developed harmonious feelings towards their hobbies.
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    Go with the flow. Giving up on the idea that your child needs to be a certain way can be freeing. Tame your inner control freak by learning how to take things as they come.
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    Foster the child’s independence with special activities. Toddlers and preschoolers love doing things on their own. It increases their sense of self-worth and helps them stop relying completely on their parents. Allow him to set the table, rake the leaves or prepare a simple meal.
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    Give the child a task and don’t intervene. Let her dress herself in the morning. This could include choosing the outfit and putting it on without assistance. As long as the clothing is appropriate, bite your tongue and let her be.
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    Get a life. Of course, you love your children. However, making them your entire universe is not going to work for them or for you. Find a passion outside of raising your kids and set aside time to explore other interests.

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