How to Decorate a Little Girl's Birthday Cupcakes: 6 Steps
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Pink frosting is just one option when it comes to decorating cupcakes for your little girl.

Your little girl is anticipating her upcoming birthday, so a party complete with a batch of cupcakes is certainly in order. It doesn't matter whether you make the cupcakes from scratch or if you go the simple route and use a boxed mix. What really matters is the frosting and the decorations. There are oodles of ways to create an edible masterpiece that builds on what your little girl loves and that will help her celebrate her big day in style.


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    Tint white frosting with food coloring. Use your little girl's favorite color, such as pink, purple or turquoise. Craft and hobby stores usually stock a wide variety of colors that go beyond the usual primary colors found in supermarkets.
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    Spread the tinted frosting on baked and cooled cupcakes. Use a butter knife to create a smooth, even layer of frosting. You might also use a cake decorating set that includes a bag and decorating tips to spread the frosting in a fancier way. Most cake decorating sets include tips to make a variety of fancy shapes. Use the flower-shaped tip to cover the cupcake with pink and purple flowers or use the star-shaped tip to pipe on bright yellow stars.
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    Get creative with the frosting, instead. If your little girl likes dogs, pipe the image of a dog's face onto each cupcake. Spread a thin layer of brown frosting onto the cupcake. Use a cake decorating bag to pipe on black eyes, a black nose and black whiskers. Add a red smile under the nose. If she loves all things princess, spread the cupcakes with pink or purple frosting and then pipe on the shape of a tiara with white frosting. Use the small dot tip of a cake decorating set to add small dots of turquoise or green frosting to look like jewels.
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    Add edible cake decorations to bring the cupcakes to life. Colored sprinkles, edible glitter and colored sugar are simple decorations that will make your little girl's cupcakes extra fancy. Sprinkle the decorations on the cupcakes as soon as you frost them so they stick to the frosting.
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    Use small candies, such as gummy bears or colored chocolates, instead of edible cake decorations to create interesting cupcakes. Lay the candies on the frosting to create a design, such as a star or a happy face, or just scatter them over the colored frosting. Your little girl would probably enjoy helping you with this.
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    Slice fresh fruit and use it as a healthier alternative to edible decorations and candy that will also jazz up your daughter's cupcakes. Press sliced strawberries into pink frosting or blueberries to purple frosting. Create a more colorful cupcake by combining bananas with orange frosting or green grapes with blue frosting. Arrange the fruit as a border around the edges of the cupcakes or stick a small amount in the center of the cupcake for a simpler design.


  • Use colored or patterned cupcake liners to make the treats even more visually pleasing and exciting.


  • Only use candies and toppings that won't pose a choking hazard to your little girl and the others that will be eating the cupcakes.

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  • White frosting
  • Food coloring
  • Butter knife or cake decorating set
  • Edible decorations
  • Small candies
  • Fresh fruit
  • Frosting

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