How to Decorate a Kids' and Parents' Combined Bedroom: 5 Steps
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Use dividers to create a separation of space in one room.

Many parents find themselves in situations where they need to share their bedroom with a toddler or preschooler. Although not ideal, a shared bedroom can work for everyone by separating the space into two distinct living areas. This allows you and your spouse to maintain an adult feel to your room while providing Junior with a space he can call his own.


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    Place one or more dividers, or hang a curtain, between your section of the room and your child's. Divide the room so the door is easily accessible to both sections of the room, to avoid having to walk through the other's section to get to your own.
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    Choose a palette of three or four colors to distinguish between your section of the room and your child's. Select one color from the palette to paint the walls in your section and another color to paint the walls in your child's section. Incorporate the remaining colors in the palette into both sections in the form of wall decor and other decorations to create a unified appearance.
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    Decide on a flooring option for both sections on the room. If the room has hardwood floors, consider laying carpet on either your or your child's section. Or, place a large area rug in the center of each section to define the two spaces. Try to match the color of the rug to one or more of the colors in the palette that you selected in.
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    Organize personal belongings into their respective spaces. None of your furniture or things should be in your child's section and vice versa. This will be how you and your child will establish a sense of ownership to your respective sections of the room.
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    Install separate lighting in both sections of the room, such as lamps placed on bedside tables, or two or more ceiling lights installed on separate switches. This will allow you to turn on a light in your room without disturbing your sleeping child, and will make each room feel more like a self-contained space.

EditThings You'll Need

  • Divider or curtain, rod and hardware
  • Paint and painting supplies
  • Wall decor and other decorations
  • Carpet or area rugs
  • Furniture and other personal belongings
  • Lamps or ceiling lighting

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