How to Decorate a Bedroom for a Child with Bunkbeds: 3 Steps
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Look for bunk beds that are strong and sturdy.

There was begging and pleading and even heart-felt promises that she'd no longer try to delay bedtime -- if she only had bunk beds. So you caved. Your little one's room now has not one, but two, beds -- one on top of the other -- and you're left with the task of decorating. Bunk beds often involve milestones because children don't usually develop the coordination necessary to safely climb up and down from the top bunk until the age 6. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than 6-years-old only sleep on the bottom bunk. So until your little one is old enough to safely use the upper bunk, you'll need to explain to your preschooler that for the time being, the upper bunk is reserved for older guests or siblings. There are also low-profile bunk beds available that are closer to the ground than traditional bunk beds to help ease your safety concerns.


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    Decorate the bedroom -- and the bunk beds -- for a little princess. Secure tulle curtains on the lower bunk and keep them loosely drawn during the day with pink satin clips or ribbons. Paste a removable crown decal above the top bunk and stick faux, removable lavender and green rhinestones along the safety rail of the top bunk. Make the adorned bunk beds the focal point of the room by arranging a dresser against the opposite wall. Paint the walls a pale pink, lavender or green, as these colors are enjoyable for all ages.
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    Turn the bedroom into a jungle-themed tree house. Place the bunks against a wall and attach large removable tree-top decals to the wall area around the top bunk to create a truly elevated "tree house" feel. Add more full-tree decals on the other walls -- and include some of your child's favorite jungle animals, like monkeys or toucans, in the "trees." You can also get some stuffed jungle animals -- lions and tigers and bears, oh my! -- to add as accents throughout the room. Hang brightly colored curtains featuring rain forest scenes to complete the theme. Keep the walls white, or paint them a subdued shade of bright green.
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    Take your child under the sea and into the sky. Start by turning the upper bunk horizontally in the corner of the room so that both the top and bottom of the bunk are facing a wall. Position the lower bunk inside the upper bunk in a vertical position. Paint the lower half of the room, below the top bunk, an oceanic blue with a single bold wave encircling all four walls to serve as a mid-wall border. Attach fish and ocean creature decals below the water -- and clouds and sunshine above the wave line. Attach a large sailboat decal on the wall near the foot of the lower bunk, so that it's visible to anyone in the top bunk as well. Cover the beds in nautical-themed linens and install a "look-out" telescope at the foot of your child's bed.


  • Choose decorative embellishments that are removable and inexpensive to change. This will save you from wanting to disown your child when, after four months of enjoying her tropical-themed room, she announces that what she really wants is for her bunk beds to look like gold-trimmed beds for royalty.


  • Swinging vines or rope latter might fit well with the decor, but they'll also invite unsafe play for your little ones -- so don't include them in your design scheme.

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