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A touch of neutral can make the bedroom good for both boys and girls.

Having boy/girl twins makes it somewhat easier to allow for personal differences while still enjoying the duality. Even better, because both kids are the same age, you don't have to worry about the room looking too young or too grown-up for either one of them. Instead, just have fun decorating.


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    Separate the bedroom in half with an invisible line and give each child a side of the room. Then set up each half as a mirror of the other, using different colors and decor to fit each child. For example, both sides will have their own desk, but the boy desk will be more rustic, while the girl's desk could be Victorian-like and painted in light pink. Anything that's blue on the boy's side could be pink on the girl's side. This is a great way to celebrate the twin's "same but different" duality.
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    Pick neutral colors that complement each other if you don't want to create such an obvious division. You can still keep the pinks on the girl side and the blues on the boy side, but mix and match other colors, such as oranges and yellows, on both sides. This gives the room a more united feel, which is even more important when kids are the same age and in the same level of development.
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    Go with gender neutral colors if you want even more unity. Oranges, greens and yellows could make the room feel more uniform. You can then give each child something unique, such as a sport-inspired wardrobe for your boy and a castle-shaped one for your girl. Individual touches are important in a neutral bedroom so each child can feel the bedroom is partly his/hers.
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    Use a unifying theme across the room but go with different colors. Is there something both twins love? Maybe the kids have a shared love of insects, the outdoors or the sea. Or maybe both love books or a certain cartoon character. Use that theme all around the room for a unified look and feel in the room. Then give each child a chance to personalize his or her own bed or night table by picking a color or pattern.


  • If you go with bunkbeds, you can use linen colors to define boy space vs. girl space. You could then either use pinks and blues throughout the whole room, or you could go with neutral colors everywhere. This makes the room feel more "ours" than "mine/yours," but still gives each child his own private area -- the beds.


  • Resist the urge to have the twins share everything. Instead, give each one a wardrobe, night table and maybe a chair or small table. Not only will this reaffirm individuality, but it will reduce fights from having to share everything.Consider the age and sleeping patterns of your tots when purchasing bunkbeds -- safety first.

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