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Grandparents can be a fantastic help when raising your toddler.

You know what is best for your toddler, but does it seem as though your parents or in-laws have other ideas? If so, you are not alone. It is important to raise your child the way you feel is right, but maintaining a relationship with your family is crucial. You migth love your parents and in-laws, but that does not give them the right to be pushy about your parenting style. In order to maintain a speaking relationship with your family and still raise your child the way you want to, use a variety of techniques to deal with pushy grandparents.


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    Explain your parenting views and methods to your toddler's grandparents. Sometimes explaining your methods is enough to settle down even the pushiest of relatives. While it might not be the best idea to present them with 400 pages of research backing up your parenting techniques, explaining why you want your child to go to bed at a certain time each evening is likely to lead to a more complaint grandparent.
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    Give your toddler's grandparents a written copy of his daily schedule. Include the times of meals, naps and any other necessary routines your toddler is used to in your home. If his grandparents have a set routine to follow, you are less likely to encounter questions and pushiness in the first place. Avoiding such predicaments is always the best way to prevent them.
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    Stand your ground with important issues but employ some of your family's ideas regarding your toddler when possible. If your pushy mother thinks that every toddler should start the morning by drinking a glass of orange juice, unless harmful to your toddler, allow it when she is around. Compromising on less important issues leaves a grandparent who is less likely to challenge you on the more important issues.
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    Stay calm during even the longest of lectures from your toddler's grandparent. Don't let your toddler see you lose your cool as you deal with her pushy grandfather. Because toddlers learn behavior through watching you, it is crucial that you model respectful and appropriate behavior even if you want to rip your hair out. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that your little sponge is always watching you and looking to you for examples of good and bad behavior.ngInclude your toddler's grandparents in life events, when possible. Send photos or talk via a webcam regularly. Feeling connected might reduce their need to push their constant visits and beliefs on you.

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