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Clinginess can be a sign that your preschooler feels insecure.

Not all youngsters adapt well to change. As a result, they can experience troublesome feelings. If your preschooler is being more clingy than usual or more demanding of your time, she may be feeling afraid, stressed or insecure. Here is how you can help her with those feelings.


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    Maintain stability and structure in your preschooler’s life. Young children, in particular, like to know what to expect. It makes them feel safe. Keeping your preschooler on a regular routine may work to comfort him and help make him feel more secure in his world.
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    Make your little one feel important. Like all people, young children need to feel a sense of belonging. Spend more time with your preschooler whether you play with her or simply cuddle her for a while. You can also ask your preschooler to help you with an age-appropriate task that will give you one-on-one time together and help build her self-confidence at the same time.
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    Show your preschooler how strong you can be. Even if you are struggling with certain aspects of your life and you don't feel brave, put on a convincing front for your little one. If he's scared about something, help him focus on the positives in his life. Tell him that he does not have to worry so much about things that trouble him. Very young children can be especially impressionable and are often afraid of things they overhear grownups talking about or see on the news. Be sure to shelter your child from graphic news reports or troubling adult conversations.
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    Prove to your preschooler that she can depend on you. Make yourself available to her whenever she needs you. For example, if you’re busy doing laundry and your little one seems upset, stop and take a few minutes to calm and reassure her. The dirty clothes can wait, but she shouldn't have to. Otherwise, she could become insecure if you don’t routinely make time for her when she feels like she needs you the most.
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    Let your little youngster be a kid. On his website, Dr. Phil points out that parents often rely on their children for strength, particularly when the family is in crisis. Although you may need a shoulder to cry on, don’t be tempted to load your troubles on your child. Kids don’t understand adult problems, and they have little or no control over them anyway. Being sucked into the problems of the grownups around them can make a young child feel insecure.

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