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Dress your toddler to look as cute as can she be.

While your toddler is likely the most adorable child in the world, the way you dress him directly impacts other's perceptions. Selecting an outfit that is both age-appropriate and fitting for the event can be difficult, but following a few simple steps ensures you have the best dressed toddler at the occasion. Before you know it, he may be followed by the paparazzi and soar to the top of the best dressed lists in popular fashion magazines.


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    Plan out your toddler's cute outfit before you start to dress her. According to Ask Dr. Sears, this minimizes the chances your toddler will resist your efforts to turn her into a fashionista. Consider the climate, location and event and determine the overall look you wish to achieve. For girls, select a brightly-colored dress with ruffles or lace to make her standout among a sea of other toddlers in solid pink dresses. For boys, choose a neutral pair or pants like khakis or jeans and a collared striped shirt. Who can resist squeezing the cheeks of a small child who looks like a little man?
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    Explain to your toddler what you are doing as you dress him. Tell him how handsome he will look in his outfit and allow choice in the selection process when possible. Knowing he might choose his favorite cartoon character pajamas for a formal wedding, encourage him to choose his favorite underwear or socks and put these on first. Choice not only provides him with a sense of autonomy, it also decreases the chances he will fight you on the more important clothing items that matter for his overall look.
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    Dress your child in your pre-selected outfit. Talk to her as you dress your toddler and encourage participation in the dressing process. Sing a song about getting dressed or distract her with a favorite toy to reduce the chances you end up with a headache after the process.
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    Choose a pair of sandals or shoes and socks appropriate for the occasion and put them on your toddler. Select footwear with jewels or bows for girls or stylish athletic shoes or loafers for boys. While cute shoes are important to complete the outfit, safety is the first priority. Ensure they fit properly and are appropriate for the activity.
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    Accessorize! No matter the gender of your toddler, accessories enhance the cuteness factor of any outfit. For girls, add to look using a hair accessory like a bow or ribbon. Choose a necklace or small bracelet for her outfit, but ensure the activity at the event will not lead to safety issues as a result of this accessory. For example, if you are going to the park, avoid jewelry that might get caught in swing chains or slides. For boys, add a cap or hat to finish off the look. If you live in a colder climate, a jacket, gloves and scarf can add the finishing touch to your toddler's adorable look.


  • Select clothes that are easy to take on and off, like soft and stretchy fabrics, to avoid additional fits when dressing your toddler.


  • Avoid delicate silks and iron-only clothing. While these materials may be cute, you will regret this the second your toddler decides to sit down on the dirty ground and play.

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  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Stylish dresses
  • Neutral pants
  • Striped or collared shirt
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Hat
  • Coat
  • Scarf

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