How to Create an Easy to Change Child's Costume Skirt: 4 Steps
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Make costume changes easy with a costume skirt.

When you go to the store looking for a great costume for your child you might feel disappointed by how poorly designed the costumes look. Who makes these things, anyway? Surely not someone with children, that's for sure! Commercial costumes are difficult to put on and take off, which is frustrating when you have a little one who needs to use the bathroom repeatedly. Instead of investing in a store-bought costume, you can make a costume skirt at home that's easy when your little girl needs to change quickly.


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    Skirts with elastic bands allow you to pull your child's skirt on and off easily, and you can make a skirt that goes well with any fairy, princess, butterfly or fairy tale character costume. You can make a tulle skirt with a standard sewing machine. Simply cut out three tulle rectangles, each measuring 36-by 24-inches wide and then stack them together lengthwise. Sew along one edge to create a three layered sheet. Cut a piece of elastic to measure 26 inches long, and stretch it out until it measures 36 inches long, like the tulle. Pin the elastic along the tulle, and sew it into place while stretched out. Remove the pins, which causes the skirt to gather naturally. Sew the ends of elastic together to create a loop, and voila! You have an easy, elastic skirt you can match to any costume you'd like.
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    Once you have a basic tulle skirt, customize it using different craft items. For a Halloween skirt, hot glue on foam or felt pumpkins, black cats or felt candy corn designs. For a fairy costume, spray the skirt with spray adhesive, then sprinkle on glitter to make the skirt sparkly and ethereal. For a princess costume, hot glue ribbon bows to make the skirt look fitting for the royal princess you know your daughter truly is. For a butterfly costume, hot glue on foam or felt spots to make the skirt look resemble the patterns of a butterfly's wing.
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    If you want use the skirt for a few different costumes, create one that you can flip inside out. This reversible skirt can still work for any costume you want, but can accommodate multiple costumes at one time. On the underside, you could create a jewel-encrusted princess skirt, but the top layer looks like a butterfly skirt. This saves you time and money, and allows your child to decide at the last minute that she wants to go as a different character for Halloween, without tears or fuss.
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    When you make a skirt for toddlers and preschoolers, avoid gluing small objects to the skirt, because they might detach small items from the skirt. Adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics guide for choking hazards for kids under 3-years old. Children under 3 should not handle items unless they have a diameter of at least 1 and 3/4-inches wide. Small objects such as buttons, real candy corn, plastic jewels and sequins, can become a choking hazard for children under 3. Only glue small objects like these to a skirt for a child over 3-years of age.

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