How to Create a Branch in Git Repository (with Pictures)
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In this articles, I will try how to create a branch in Git repository. This time, I will give you an example and an explanation of what it git. Git is a distributed control system to make a local backup and commit to anyone. At the time, this version has also been supported by more centralized repository models, and when you use a centralized repository, it can encourage change towards more easy to attract them. I actually more likely to use multiple computers, so I want to use a more centralized repository for tracking branch again as I work with them. Well, in this way then any machine I use, I can still supervise the branch belongs to me.

If I work in a team of some people, general strategies that I use in using Git is for every member of the team created its own branch of code they're working on. Once the code is completed, passed all the tests, and has been through a code review of this new branch in the merge with the main branch of the application. But why is that?

What is Branch in Git ?

Git in the area, we need to maintain our own branch to always clean, clean here I mean without a change, like the master branch can make all the time. Whenever we wanted to do a bug or a feature, in reality, we need to create branch in git, which will be a copy of master branch later. When we make a request to withdraw the branch, we can continue to work in other branches and make a request another attraction in this other branch. Before creating a new branch of an interesting change from the head, you should be up to date. create GitHub repository from local computer and move on the branch like this:

We'll take some fairly simple incorporation of the workflow that we can use in the real world too. Some of this step must be you follow to a satisfactory explanation later.

Step One: You must first create a remote branch this below:

git one

Step Two: Furthermore, we must make sure that all up to date

git two

Step Three: Next you can already see that the branch has been created

git tri

But before this course must show ‘origin/new_feature_name’ to continue for tracking new brand.

git four

It means that when you unplug that will get the latest from the branch office as well. Again, we must ensure that all up to date.

git five

Clear Errors If you make a mistake, don't worry because you can always delete a remote branch

git six

Okay, so it must be the most intuitive command ever.

Use of Branch Other Locations (git create new branch from another branch)

When you sign into another computer or clone git repository for new computer, then you just need to start tracking of new branch again.

git seven

Follow the ways automation using the script of a framework that small but has a lot of advantages and the way to do it was quite easy.


How to create git branch

This article is a joint series using git so that you find a complete tutorial package. If it is assumed equal to combine the two into one and so seemed effective. According to the version control system, git is also one of the best in flexibility into. You or I can easily understand and see that git is able to serve the workflow in the environment and teaches syntax in knowledge. You will also discover how to create two or more such branches of the master and branch development by incorporating code for a production.

The branches that are created will be in the form of a series of code changes unique and has a unique name as well, and each repository every branch will also be owned by one or more. As the following example, before we create a new branch, we certainly would like to see all the existing branches. Well, how do we get to see all the branches are there? You only need to type as an example:

git branch -a

Why should use the "-a" at the end of the command? This is git who actually want to see for all the existing branch, also including those who are not in the local environment.

My only advice, but if you already know well or at least familiar with the command in the GIT then you can use a terminal or GIT-Bash for windows. GUI application is strongly advised is to help you use the GIT, because if there is file that be removed from the repository or simply see anything that has been done by another user, this application is very easy for us to monitor changes to files either on our side or on the side of other users.

Branching is very useful for project management and software development lifecycle. Branches usually are useful when we start working on a new module of each project received. It is also useful when the two development teams working on the same project but from different locations and keep one lane. They can create a separate branch for each team and combining the two tasks to complete. This tutorial will help you all about the simple steps for how to create a branch in Git repository.

If you want to start controlling version of the available file (not empty directory), this better if you start monitoring file to commit early. To do that with a few git add commands to define of the file you want to monitor, followed by a commit. Git has several different transfer protocols that can be used. In the previous example, we use a protocol git://, but you can also use HTTP(s)://or user @server:/path.git, that will use SSH as the transfer protocol. In the next chapter, I will tell more detailed and complete. For more details on the functions on git, I'll discuss in the next post, including on checkout, reset, push and so on.

Have a nice day.

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