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Often used by emergency personnel, Motorola two-way radios offer the ability to connect with compatible microphones, allowing operation without holding the radio to talk. Some mics also include features such as noise cancellation or speakers. Although Motorola's professional-grade radio models use proprietary connectors, its consumer Talkabout models use 2.5mm headset jacks to connect to hands-free microphones, headsets or earbuds.


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    Turn off your radio before connecting your headset. If your radio includes a push-to-talk button or VOX voice-activated operation, the feature may not work if you connect the headset while the radio is on.
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    Connect the headphone's 2.5mm plug to the radio's headset jack. If your headset doesn't use a 2.5mm plug, you'll need to use an adapter to connect it to your radio.
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    Turn the radio on. If you're using push-to-talk, you can begin using your radio.
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    Enable VOX if your radio supports it. If you don't see "VOX" on the radio's display when you turn it on, press the "Menu" button until you see "VOX" on the display. Press the "+" or "-" buttons to increase or reduce voice sensitivity: "1" is least sensitive, and should be used in noisy environments; "3" is most sensitive. Press the "Talk" button on the radio to accept the sensitivity setting and begin using your radio.


  • If your headset doesn't use a 2.5mm plug, you must use an adapter to connect it to your radio.
  • If you're using a professional-grade Motorola radio, it might use one of a number of proprietary microphone connectors. To find a compatible mic for your professional-grade radio, see Motorola's website.


  • Not all headset models will work correctly with your radio model. Test your microphone before you encounter a situation where you may depend on it.

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