How to Connect a Motorola Droid Bluetooth with a Laptop: 13 Steps
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Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connection protocol, commonly used for connecting mice and headsets to computers and phones, respectively. It can also be used to connect your Droid phone to your computer without cables, so you can conveniently move photos to and from the device. While not all carriers support it, the Droid phone is capable of tethering, which lets your computer connect to the Internet over the phone's connection.


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    Setting Up the Droid: Tap the "App Menu" on your Droid, at the lower right of your home screen, and then tap "Settings" to pull up the settings menu. Your Settings icon may already be on your home screen depending on configurations you or your carrier has done. The settings icon looks like a gear wheel
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    Tap "Wireless and Networks" and from the menu that comes up, tap "Bluetooth Settings."
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    Tap the check box on the screen to activate Bluetooth. Then tap the check box that says "Discoverable." Your Droid broadcasts a Bluetooth handshake signal and displays a window where you need to enter a security passcode.
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    Set your phone down near your computer.
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    Connecting to Bluetooth Devices in Windows 7: Click on the Start button and type "Add a Device" in the search box.
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    Click the "Add A Device" entry to pull up a new entry. One of the entries in the dialog box that appears is your Motorola Droid.
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    Click "Next." Windows gives you a security number. Enter it into your phone.
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    Click "Next" and then click "Finish" on your laptop to complete the procedure.
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    Connecting to Bluetooth Devices in Macintosh OS X: Click on the "Apple" menu, click "System Preferences," and then click "View."
  10. 10
    Select "Bluetooth" if it is available. If it is not, your Macintosh laptop doesn't have Bluetooth. Make sure that you click the check box for "On." A Bluetooth icon is added to your menu bar
  11. 11
    Click on the Bluetooth icon, and then click on "Bluetooth Preferences."
  12. 12
    Switch to the "Devices" tab and select "Pair New Devices." A menu of available Bluetooth devices is listed. Click on your Droid on the list.
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    Click on "Pair." A security number appears. Enter it into your phone. Click "Next" to finish the procedure.


  • If your computer does not have built in Bluetooth, you can plug in a USB Bluetooth adapter. This device is auto-detected in both Windows and Macintosh. From there, follow the procedures in the appropriate section. Every Macintosh laptop made since 2007 has Bluetooth capabilities built in, and most Windows laptops have had them since 2008.


  • The most common problem with this process is taking too long to set up the laptop. Your Droid only remains discoverable for about two minutes after it's been set up.
  • Make sure the Droid and laptop are both fully charged.

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