How to Connect a Camcorder to a Small DVD Player: 4 Steps
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Camcorders today offer multiple recording media, including flash, digital tape and even DVDs. Portable DVD players are perfect for watching videos on-the-go, but if you don't have a DVD camcorder or if its discs are incompatible with your player, you may still be able to connect your camera and use the player's screen for playback. Not all DVD player models support auxiliary input, but if yours does, you can use it to sort footage while you're on the road.


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    Locate the output jacks on your camcorder and the input jacks on your DVD player. Consult your player's user guide to determine whether it has a video input jack or look for a jack marked "Video In/Out." Many camcorders keep their jacks behind a removable panel.
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    Turn off both devices before you attach the cable and then connect them and turn them on. If your devices use different types of video connections, you may need an adapter to connect them. Some devices use a separate input or output for audio as well.
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    Turn the audio down on the DVD player and switch to the device's auxiliary input if necessary, using an "AUX" button or an on-screen menu. Consult your player's user guide for details
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    Press the "Play" button on your camcorder and control your video playback using the controls on your camera. When the video begins playing, turn up the audio level on your DVD player.


  • Adapters are available to connect most video inputs and outputs, including component, composite, coaxial and HDMI connections.

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