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Motorola's line of two-way radios is widely used by commercial fleets, emergency services, construction companies and hobbyists or RV enthusiasts. Advanced models can provide groupings and frequencies for hundreds of users, all communicating with the same central transmitter. Unfortunately, this can mean a great deal of programming when new radios are added. The simplest way to do this is by "cloning" an existing radio with the correct settings. Motorola provides several methods for doing this.


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    Using a Cable: The simplest way to clone settings from one radio to another is with a cloning cable. They're available online or through Motorola dealers, and vary slightly depending on the series of radios you're using. Both radios should be fully charged before you start. Connect the two radios with your cable, and turn on the unprogrammed handset. Press the necessary keystrokes to enter cloning mode on your programmed radio -- the sequence will vary between Motorola models -- and choose "Clone." When the radio signals that cloning is finished, turn your target radio off and back on. It will be ready for use.
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    Using the Charging Cradle: The charging cradles for some Motorola radios are designed to transfer cloning data between radios, eliminating the need for a cable. The cradle itself needs no power during the cloning process, but the radios must be charged. Place the target radio in the left-hand pocket of the cradle, and turn it on. On your source radio, the one with the current programming, press the appropriate keystroke combination to enter cloning mode. Place the radio in the right-hand pocket of the cradle, and press the key that begins cloning. The specific keystrokes vary between models, so have your manual nearby or look up the instructions online before beginning.
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    Using Your Computer: If you clone Motorola radios frequently or in large batches, the most efficient way to do it is with your computer. Download and install the programming software from Motorola's website, and purchase an appropriate programming cable for your radios. Connect the source radio directly or through its charging stand, depending on the model. On the software's toolbar, click "Read Radio" to retrieve its settings. Remove the source radio from the cradle, turn on the target radio, and place it in the cradle. Click "Write Radio" to clone those settings to the new radio. Repeat the writing process for each additional radio requiring the same settings.
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    The Details: Some models can't be connected directly with a cable. They must be placed in the charging cradles instead, and the cable used to connect between cradles. If you have a large fleet of radios divided into groups, cloning is a convenient way to transfer individual radios from one group to another. Just duplicate the new group's settings onto the transferred radio, and it's ready to use. You can clone a higher-end multichannel radio onto a single-channel radio, but only the first channel of the source radio will be cloned. On some models, contacts and other additional settings can be transferred over the air.

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