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Two Methods:Clearing Nifications IndividuallyClearing All The Notifications At Once

Apple Watch is considered to function as an extension from your Apple iphone. It uses a wireless connection like a Bluetooth to get connected to your iphone. Once connected you can use maximum features like taking up a call, viewing a message, music etc. without getting out your phone from your pocket. Apart from this the Apple Watch makes monitoring and receiving notification convenient with just a fleeting look having your iphone left in your pocket. Each time you get a notification your Apple watch on your wrist will notify you so that you never miss any activity. This personal device needs you to set-up a limit for the apps that can send notification saving you from buzzing your wrist in every 20sec with unnecessary alerts.Unlike your iphone, you can clear all the notification on your Apple watch at one time. If you do not wish to remove all the notifications at a time; you can go for a manual clear. It means you can clear the information you want and keep the necessary items uncleared. Further I may clear you that once you clear a notification from your apple watch then automatically it gets removed from your iphone too. This is due to the connection between your iDevices.For avoiding your Apple watch to get cluttered for memory space you need to have a real-time check over these notifications. Fortunately, there is an easy way out to clear all the notification on your apple watch at once. It has been discussed earlier that you can clear all your notification AT ONE TIME; or you can also clear the notification INDIVIDUALLY by selecting on which one you want to clear. If something is necessary keep it or through it away-this has been the attitude of ‘we the Busy Humans’.

EditMethod 1 of 2: Clearing Nifications Individually

  1. 1
    This will allow you to clear only the specific notification. So let’s start by following these simple steps. first of all click on the option Digital Crown. Clicking on it will take you to the watch face.
  2. 2
    Next is the Notification Center. To go to the notification center, scroll from the top of your screen just like you do it on your iphone.
  3. 3
    Now, scroll on to the notification to view and remove the considered notification. Choose which one you want to keep and which one to erase.
  4. 4
    To remove or erase the desired notification, you need to do is just swipe from right to left to bring up X button
    Clear Notifications on Apple Watch Method 1 Step 4.JPG
  5. 5
    Tap on the X button to clear the desired notification without bothering your necessary notifications.
    Clear Notifications on Apple Watch Method 1 Step 5.JPG

EditMethod 2 of 2: Clearing All The Notifications At Once

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    You can also remove all the notification from your apple watch at a time. In this all notification will get cleared just by a single touch. Let’s start. Same as in individual clearing click on the Digital Crown to go to your Watch Face.
  2. 2
    scroll from the top of your watch face and here appears the Notification Center.
  3. 3
    then give a long press on the center of your screen and you will see an X appearing on your Apple Watch.
    Clear Notifications on Apple Watch Method 2 Step 4.JPG
  4. 4
    Then here is the final step. Click on the X button and you will find that all you notifications have been cleared away. Isn’t it very simple?Now, I think you know how it works. Your wearable technology i.e. your Apple watch now clears the notification both from itself and your Iphone.


  • Whenever you have a pending notification you will find RED DOT at the top of your watch face. This will tell you that you have at least one unread notification.
  • If you find there is one/two notification then clear it following the individual clearing part but if there is are several lined up notification then don’t waste your time instead follow the clearing at once part to clear.
  • Before clearing your notifications check it carefully. There is ‘no confirmation’ while performing this task.
  • It is recommended that you limit the apps providing you the notification. The notification enabled apps can be managed. You can control which apps should send you notification and which app should not. This will allow you a more free-up space avoiding your Apple Watch to get bundled.
  • Anyway, this is time to conclude. Apple has offered so many products and so many features which makes almost every work simple and even simpler will be in the upcoming days. It has the most efficient developers who bring-up unified technologies. Hope, they will even provide a simpler way to check notification and clearing them in the upcoming days. Till then this is the only way for the iphone and Apple Watch users to check and clear the notifications.


  • Once you have cleared then the notification cannot be recovered.

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