How to Clean Up the iPhone Status Bar in Screenshots
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Status bar is an important thing for any smart phone because status bar update any process or inform you about any update news or requirements But if it comes when you take a snapshot then it looks very unusual and ugly and create a bad impression on people when you post that snapshot in any websites or other. It is a true that when you will see iPhone/iPad screenshots you can easily mark that there are some unnecessary icons are coming with the screen shot that looks odd. Some useless symbols are like low battery, other icons and many more shows in the screen shot this is not a serious matter if you are a normal user but if you are a developer or designer then you can face many problems to post your screen shots in diverse blogs or articles in the website. These particular things are always distracting. You can feel that it is doesn’t look good. If you are a blogger then you always want to remove the status bar for your post screen shot. Before it can easily remove by the scripts and Mac apps but now it is easier you can easily remove these screen shots with the help of the iPhone or iPad. The technique is also very simple and effective.

Easy ways to crop out the Status bar when taking iOS Screenshots?


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Screenshotter is a best app that cleans up the status bar in screen shots. This is a special kind of application that helps to take the screen shot and offer you better facilities to hide all the unusual status bar coming on the screen shot. This is an effective application and known as the best application that helps to remove the status bar from the screen shot in iPhone. It also offers to create a folder to save these screenshots.


Screeny is a well developed apps that specially designed for the iPhone that offer better facilities to remove any unwanted words or status bar from the screen shot. This app is very effective and it has a delete option by using this you can easily delete anything on the screen shot. This is a paid version app that cost of 0.99$. This app is work in a certain process the process is every time you open the app the app will scan all your screen shot for better processing. Use the down arrow button to scroll the screen shots down. You can use the delete button that is placed right upper corner of the app.

iPhone Screeny Screenshots

Altershot helps to remove the status bar from the screenshots:

Alter shot is an effective app that specially designed for the iOS system that you can use in your iPhone to remove the status bar from your mobile screen shots. This is a good app that consists of a GUI wrapper around the status bar cleaning process. At the launch of the app you will find a grid of your entire screen short with the latest screen shot at the top of the screen. If you want to choose one of them, then tap on that screen shot to choose that particular one.

Altershot helps to remove the status bar from the screenshots

After open the screen shot panel by default you can get the cleaned screen short in your screen. Before cleaning the status bar there is an option you can see easily that is preview. In preview option you can easily crop the screen short according to your requirements. There is a disable symbol you can found that helps to disable the status bar. This disable button simply crop the status bar from the screen shot.

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You can easily switch from a dark to a light theme and disable the clock and the battery icons. When it comes to the radios, there are many options are available for you. You can disable the Wi-Fi icons or other icons like airplane mode and iPad in the top-left corner.

After got the required screen shots you have to save the images by tap the share icon on the image. Most of the app are free but some apps are paid version but work perfectly and very useful.

Altershot is a good app for the screen shot but the processing is very slow so if the developer enhance the processing speed of this app then use can able to complete their task easily within some times. This apps is only choose one screen shot to process a screen short to remove the status bar if you can able to choose various photos at a time then the tasks can be complete easily. This is a good free app that is very helpful for the bloggers. Now by the help of this useful app a blogger can share a screenshot from his/her iPhone easily in any websites. Developers are trying for the better versions of these reliable apps so that people can easily complete status removals easily from the screen shot within some minutes.

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