How to Check if You Have Two of the Same Song on Your iPod
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Regardless of which iPod model you use, Apple recommends using iTunes on your computer to check if you have two copies of the same song on your device. Removing duplicates through iTunes ensures that the duplicates are not copied to the iPod again the next time you sync the device. If you use playlists, it's important to remember that the same song can be placed in more than one playlist. One song on two playlists is not a duplicate song. It's the same song with two different playlists accessing it.


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    Connect the iPod to your computer using the USB cable that came with the device. Launch iTunes if it does not open automatically. Click your iPod's entry in the left menu of iTunes and then click "Music" under the Library heading at the top of the left menu
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    Click the "File" menu and select "Display Exact Duplicates." Wait for iTunes to search your music library. A list of all duplicate songs is displayed.
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    Click the top of the "Date Added" column to sort the songs by date if desired to help determine which version you want to keep and which you want to delete.
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    Click the top of the "Time" or "Name" columns to display duplicates together. You may have to try sorting by both columns because duplicate song files may have slightly different names or playing times. Note that not all the songs displayed in this list are necessarily duplicates. Some will be different versions of the same song, such a live version or a different mix of a studio cut.
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    Double-click one version and then the other to play them. Listening to the first few seconds and then skipping to the last few seconds will help you determine whether the songs are duplicates.
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    Click the version you want to delete. Hold down the "Ctrl" key to select multiple titles for deletion. Click the "Edit" menu and select "Delete." A dialog box opens
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    Select "Keep File" to delete the song only from iTunes and keep the song file on your computer. Select "Move to Trash" to delete the song file from your computer too. With either selection, the song is removed from iTunes and all playlists.
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    Click on a playlist if you want to remove a song that is duplicated on two different playlists. Click the top of the "Name" column to arrange the songs by name. Identify the song. Select another playlist and sort the songs by the "Name" column as well. Click on the duplicate and then select "Delete" from the "Edit" menu. The song is removed from the playlist without deleting the song itself.
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    Click the "Sync" button. The songs you deleted are removed from your iPod. The status indicator at the top of the window displays the progress.
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    Click the "Eject" button beside the iPod's entry in the left menu before disconnecting the USB cable.


  • If you use iCloud on your iPod, iCloud will not accept duplicate songs. You will see a cloud icon with a line through it indicating that the song is a duplicate.

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