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All iPods, with the exception of the iPod Shuffle, can display your music alphabetically by song titles, grouped by artists or albums, as well as in playlists you create yourself on the iPod or in iTunes. If you use the Calendar or Contacts app on an iPod Touch or iPod Classic, you can manage their groups on your computer and then sync the iPod with the computer. The iPod Touch allows you to manage how your apps are grouped together, either by changing where they appear on the home screen or by putting groups of apps into folders.


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    Changing Music Groups: Select the "Music" icon on your iPod Home screen. Select "Playlists," "Artists," "Songs" or "Albums" at the bottom of the screen to see your songs and music videos grouped in those categories. Selecting "Albums," for example, lists all of your songs grouped by their album names.
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    Create a new group on an iPod Touch or iPod Nano by tapping "Playlists" and then selecting "Add Playlist." After naming the new playlist, select the songs you want added to the group and save the playlist. To group songs together on an iPod Classic, add songs one at a time to the "On-The-Go" playlist. Select a song, hold down the "Center" button and then select "Add to On-The-Go."
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    Edit the song information on any song or music video in iTunes on your computer. You can do this by clicking twice on the album name, song title or artist name to make the information editable. Type the new name as desired and then press "Enter." Sync the iPod with iTunes to transfer the new information to the iPod.
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    Adding Groups to Contacts and Calendars: Launch your favorite address book or calendar application like Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Use this application to arrange your contacts or calendars into groups as desired.
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    Connect the iPod to your computer and launch iTunes if it does not open automatically. Select your iPod in the left menu. Click the "Info" tab.
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    Click the "Sync Contacts" or "Sync Calendars" check box if it is not selected already. Select any groups you created to add them to your iPod.
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    Click the "Sync" button and then eject the iPod. You can now select the groups you created on your computer when you launch the Contacts or Calendar app on the iPod.
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    Grouping Apps on an iPod Touch: Tap and hold any app icon on the iPod Touch Home screen. The icons begin to jiggle, indicating the Home screen is in edit mode. Drag any icon to where you want it on the screen. To put an app on a new page, drag it to the far right of the screen until a new page opens. Press the "Home" button to save your groupings.
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    Identify at least two apps on the home screen that you want to group together in a folder. Tap and hold one of the icons until the Home screen goes into edit mode.
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    Drag the app onto another. The iPod automatically creates a folder and places both apps into the folder. Drag other apps into the folder while in edit mode. Folders can hold up to 12 apps.
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    Tap the folder to access the apps in the folder. Tap the "Home" button or tap the folder again to close the folder.
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    Tap and hold the folder until the Home screen goes into edit mode and then tap the folder again to edit it. Drag apps from the folder to the Home screen to remove them. Tap the name of the folder while in edit mode to rename the folder.

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