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Before HTC became the first company to release an Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1, few Americans had heard of the Taiwanese manufacturer even though they have been making phones and other portable devices for other well-known companies since 1997. Since the release of the G1, HTC has come into its own as a major player in the cell phone and smartphone space and produces some highly sought-after models. HTC produces a variety of smartphones for other companies as well as those the company brands under its own name. If you are thinking about purchasing an HTC smartphone, you should consider several important factors before deciding on a particular model.


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    Android or Windows: While probably better known for making Android-based smartphones, HTC also produces phones, such as the HTC 8X, that use the Windows Phone 8 operating system. If you're an avid Google fan, a big Gmail or GTalk user or require access to thousands of apps for your smartphone, an HTC model like the HTC Desire, which uses Android as the operating system, is probably a better solution. However, if you're looking for an HTC phone that offers easy integration with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and other Microsoft Office apps, you should consider a model with Windows Phone 8. Additionally, Windows Phone 8 receives high praise for its tight integration with popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, if you need open source or Google apps on your smartphone, then Android models may better suit you.
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    Input Method: One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on which HTC model smartphone to buy is your preferred input method. HTC makes it relatively simple to choose a preferred input method with their phones by creating touch-only phones, type-only phones and those with touch and type capabilities. If you like to send a lot of SMS or email messages on your smartphone, you may prefer a model that has real keys you can press, as it may make heavy-volume typing easier; in this case, you'll need a type-only or touch-and-type model. If you don’t send a lot text messages or if you're more comfortable using a touch-screen interface, a touch-and-type or touch-only model may be what you need. Another operating system-related aspect to consider concerning an input method is that all of HTC's current Android-based phones are touch-only models. Therefore, if you need a current model HTC phone with real keys, you'll need to buy a Windows Phone 8 model.
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    Media Features: A couple of other important factors you should consider in choosing an HTC phone are how you intend to use it and the features you need. If you plan to use your HTC phone primarily for checking email, making calls and Web surfing, then you may not need a high-resolution camera or a model with front and rear cameras or a high-powered internal amplifier. However, if you are a music or video enthusiast or a picture buff, you probably want a model with all the multimedia bells and whistles or one with a large display screen. If music, photos and videos are your thing, consider models such as the HTC S, HTC One X and HTC 8X. All three models include dual cameras, large LCD screens, increased storage, extended-life batteries and powerful processors. If a more modestly powered phone with limited storage and a lower-resolution is camera is acceptable, consider the HTC Explorer or HTC One V.
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    Age and Cost: Like other electronic gadgets and devices, the latest-and-greatest model cellphones are usually the most expensive. You may be able to save a substantial amount of money on a high-end HTC smartphone if you sign up for a contract plan from a major mobile service carrier. In fact, if you sign up for a multiyear contract, you may be able to get the HTC model you want free or at a substantial discount. If the newest HTC smartphones with all of the bells and whistles are out of your price range -- phones like HTC One X and HTC 8X as of the date of publication -- your local electronics store may still carry previous-year models available for purchase, such as the HTC Hero or HTC Tattoo. While one or two-year-old HTC smartphone models may not have all the features of the company's latest offerings, they probably have most of the ones you need. Besides, in a year or two, HTC will have released even more powerful smartphones with even more cool features. When they do, the prices of their current flagship models will fall considerably.

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