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XM Radio offers excellent variety in programming. Portable XM radio modules extend this convenience, letting you play content anywhere the radio module can receive a signal. Various accessories make this easier, whether it's a better antenna, home or car docking station or speaker system. Choosing the right accessory is a matter of evaluating where and when you want to use your XM radio module.


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    Select an outdoor antenna mast if you intend to listen to any XM content inside. Without this, XM signals are not able to penetrate roofs and other structural elements, which prevents reception.
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    Choose a leather carrying case if you frequently remove the XM radio tuner from the home to the vehicle or vice versa. These cases provide good protection for XMp3i or XMp3 units that also incorporate MP3 playback functionality.
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    Use a docking speaker system in conjunction with an outdoor antenna if you intend to use your XM radio module in a bedroom, den or other location lacking audio. These devices offer built-in speakers and a dock port for quick access to programming.
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    Select an XMicro antenna for your vehicle if you find your existing antenna is too large. XMicro antennas feature a much smaller footprint along with a built-in FM modulator, preventing the need for another transmitter.
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    Pick up a spare or replacement battery for your Delphi XM unit in case you find your playback time is significantly reduced. Additionally, it may be time for a new battery if reception seems to be getting worse even when exposure to overhead satellites remains the same.


  • Always check accessory compatibility with your radio prior to ordering.

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