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Toshiba laptops are a mixture of power and portability, and every laptop makes trade-offs in weight, battery life, size, and features – even the Toshiba Satellite series. These trade-offs can be compensated for by buying accessories, which add functionality to the laptop.


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    User Interface Accessories: Some people love touchpads on laptops. Others, due to preference or carpal tunnel syndrome, need alternate input devices, from mice to trackballs, to external keyboards. Because Toshiba laptops all have Bluetooth connectivity, wireless mice and keyboards are particularly handy, as they free you from the tyranny of USB cables. Bluetooth peripherals have their own batteries, which will die when you least expect it, and the Bluetooth radio in the laptop itself will have a minor impact on battery life. Another choice to make is whether you want a miniature "travel-sized" mouse, which some people find hard to use, or a full sized one, which takes up more space in the laptop bag. Bluetooth keyboards tend to be left on the desk at home for people who use their laptops with external monitors, or who need a more ergonomic typing experience.
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    Laptop Sleeves and Bags: Toshiba laptops come in industry-standard sizes, meaning that they work with most neoprene laptop sleeves and most laptop bags. Laptop bags are a quirky purchase, because people expect such different things from them: some people treat them as fashion accessories, others want features like lay-flat layouts that let them run through airport X-ray machines with a minimum of fuss.
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    Extra Chargers and Batteries: In part because of lower power components, laptops now run longer off of a single charge, and buying an extra battery for extended flights is no longer an "always buy" accessory -- but it really is handy to have a Toshiba-compatible laptop battery. There are a number of vendors making them, Lenmar being a fairly common one; make sure that your battery matches the voltage of the original equipment battery for your laptop. Using one with a higher voltage can potentially damage your machine. Likewise, having two or three AC power adapters for your laptop is surprisingly handy. You leave one plugged in at home, one in the laptop bag, and one plugged in at work, and just plug the machine in when needed without having to crawl around looking for an outlet. Models available at retail outlets like RadioShack are often two thirds of the price that the original manufacturer charges. Before buying one, bring your current charger in and make sure that the voltage and amperage match. If you're going overseas, getting a charger that can plug into different country's electrical systems is a smart move.
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    Docking Stations: Toshiba sells a docking station solution for its laptops that connects to the laptop through one of its USB ports, and provides an external, gaming-quality video card, better speakers, and a place to connect a mouse and keyboard – some of them even duplicate the power connection as well, and they usually have ports for driving two external monitors. You can set your laptop down, plug in the USB port and have all the freedom of movement and ergonomics of a full desktop computer system.
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    Cables, USB Peripherals and Cellular Data Cards: Laptops usually have external monitor ports; these can be used to turn a TV into a larger monitor, or to drive a projection screen system to run presentations. Carrying an HDMI or DVI or VGA cable is often a good thing to have tucked in your laptop bag. Likewise, having extra USB cables never hurts, and USB Flash drives make moving files between computers much simpler. Having a USB hub can compensate for having only a pair of USB ports on the laptop itself, and allow you to hook up more peripherals. The last accessory is a cellular data card, to allow your laptop to access the Internet via 3G or 4G wireless subscription; these can be purchased at shops that sell cellular phones for your cell service provider.

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