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The Slingbox is a device used to stream media from place to place in the home. Commonly used to stream television content to smartphones, tablets and laptops, Slingbox devices do not come with everything you may need for your specific needs. Accessories like power line adapters, spare remotes and infrared kits are all useful tools to complete your Slingbox installation.


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    Purchase a power line adapter kit if your Slingbox will not be installed near an Ethernet jack. PLAs, as they are commonly known, use the AC power in your home to carry broadband Internet signals.
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    Get the IR blaster kit if your Slingbox is located behind cabinet doors. The four-headed infrared emitters plug into your existing IR repeater kit, flooding your Slingbox and other concealed devices with control commands.
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    Invest in a replacement power supply for your Slingbox if your old one is cut or otherwise damaged. Ensure you select the right adapter for your specific model when ordering, since they are not universal with all Slingbox devices.
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    Look into getting Sling Media's HD Connect dongle if you are connecting high definition sources to your Slingbox PRO model. These proprietary connections allow you to pass the HD material, adapting the signal to network conditions for wireless streaming.

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