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Android is a popular operating system for mobile devices. This platform was released to the public by Google in 2007 and is available for a wide variety of smartphones and other devices. Like other smartphones, Android devices can download many different "apps," or programs. There are several sources for these apps. The Google Play marketplace is included on most modern phones. Amazon also has an app marketplace, which can be loaded onto compatible devices. Third-party software can also be downloaded directly from publishers, without the use of an official app store.


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    Access Google Play on an Android device. Turn on the device and press the app labelled "Google Play Store." In the "Add a Google Account" box, enter the username and password for your Gmail or other Google account. Alternately, click "Create Account" to create a new username. Once Google Play has loaded, enter a search term and review the results. Tap an app to see more details. Press the button that lists the app price. Select a payment method when prompted and press "Accept and Buy."
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    Use the Amazon Appstore as an alternative to Google Play. Access the Appstore website (link in Resources). Click "Download Now." Once the Amazon Appstore is downloaded, open the program and enter your Amazon username and password. Enter search terms in the "Search for Apps" box. Tap a desired app to view details and then press "Get App."
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    Purchase apps directly from third-party publishers. This option is useful if an application is not available on either the Google or Amazon stores. To enable third-party app support, click "Menu" and "Settings" on your Android device. Select "Applications," select the "Unknown Sources" check box and press "OK." Download an app directly from a third-party publisher's mobile website and open the Android file browser. Open the downloaded "APK" file, which contains the actual app


  • Proceed with caution when downloading third-party apps. It is possible for unauthorized apps to carry viruses or spyware. Only use software from sources that you trust.

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