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The Wii attracted millions of casual gamers with its motion-based game controller and its broad variety of game titles. The Wii itself only comes with a single controller, a charging dock and the necessary cords and wires. To broaden the platform’s capabilities and capitalize on its success, Nintendo produced a number of accessories that enhance the performance of some games, make new types of game play possible and improve the gaming experience overall. Nintendo sells official Wii accessories through its website.


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    Visit Nintendo’s official website (link in Resources) and choose your country if prompted to do so. Click on the “Wii” tab at the top of the page to go to the Wii website homepage.
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    Click on the “Enhance Your Wii” tab on the blue navigation bar near the top of the Wii homepage.
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    Scroll down the page, where you will see several items to choose from. Click the “Wii Accessories” icon.
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    Explore the accessories that interest you, such as the Wii Wheel, the Classic Controller Pro and the Wii Zapper. Certain video games require one or more accessories; look for this information in the game’s manual or on the package. For instance, the popular Nintendo title “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” absolutely requires the Wii Motion Plus add-on, which connects to older Wii controllers and increases their motion sensitivity. Many other games require the Wii Motion Plus too. Some games don’t strictly require an accessory, but strongly suggest it. For instance, the racing game “Mario Kart Wii” suggests that you have the Wii Wheel, a mock steering wheel.
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    Click the blue “Where to Buy” button for any accessory that you’d like to purchase. Click the “Continue Shopping” button if you’d like to buy more accessories, or click the “Checkout” button if you want to pay for your purchases and complete your order.
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    Enter your address and billing information as required, and submit your order when you finish.


  • Third-party vendors also sell Wii accessories. In addition to Nintendo's official products, you can find a variety of other accessories, such as enhanced battery packs, charging stations and even a digital bowling ball. Try looking for these in your favorite online marketplaces.

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