How to Backup and Restore Hangouts Messages in Android: 7 Steps
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Nowadays almost everyone use the Smartphone and use different messaging apps for their conversation with friend or other persons. But it is always important to do the backup files of your conversions because you may need these SMS conversions in future. When it comes to the Hangout app it is always a default task to create the backup files of your conversations. So sometime you will feel that it is very useless to use this file. In recent days almost everyone has switched over to the messengers those are better known as instant messengers but still you get some important updates and notifications through SMS. So for a mobile update it is always important to make a backup all your important messages. Before day’s people used many apps but after Google forced Hangouts everyone just switched to it. But it is always important to know how to do back up of hangouts messages from your device for future need. Lets know about the techniques of create message backup of your hangouts in Android.


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    It is possible that Google Hangout back up the SMS to the cloud? Many people think that they can easily back up their SMS of Hangout in the cloud. But in real it is not possible. This is a sad thing for the Hangout users but it is a truth.
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    The Solution:Nothing is impossible in this world and it is true that you can easily back up your Hangout SMS by using the SMS backup and restore app. This is a useful and simple app and the interface of this app is simple and clean. This app not only restores messages but it works properly in any android devices. So now let’s see how it actually works. For this you need to install the app from the Play Store.
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    Back Up Messages:First of all open the app and press the backup button. You can easily find that there are diverse setting and a window screen on your device. The backup can be made on your Smartphone as well as in cloud. This will always help even after your handset is stolen or damaged.
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    In the same way, if you have an external SD card then it is always easy to make backup and it is always safe also to make a backup in your SD card. If you want to create the SMS backup in your SD card then you have to go to the preferences then Backup folder and after that you have to set the location of your back up files as SD card.
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    Restore messages:Before doing the back up of your SMS, it is always important to locate backup file of your messages. If in case you need to switch the phone, never forget to copy it in your internal storage. After that open the app and click the Restore option for restore the SMS. This app always automatically finds and recognizes the backup file. If in any case it doesn’t able to do so then use the system browser option that is present at the bottom of the app screen and you have to point the app towards the file you required.
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    Some other features and options:From the other features, backup scheduling option is one of the most interesting features you can easily get from this app. You can easily set the backup schedule for the automatic backup creation in your mobile phone. In this process the automatic backup process will occur in the background of your phone. For this you have to navigate the preference option then Schedule backups to do the settings. Another amazing feature is that you can easily share the backup file within the app itself you don’t need the file manager to perform this task. Touch the three dots symbol which are present at the top right corner on the main page and after that select the send file option.
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    One of the most useful features that unexpectedly missing from the Hangouts app that normally searches a particular conversation or a SMS. You can easily do this by the help this app without facing any problem in it. For this process, you have to click the SEARCH button on the main page. That means you can easily browse these messages in a backup by going to VIEW BACKUP on the min page.


  • From the above given techniques you can now easily say that the whole process of backup is too difficult than other SMS backup creation. So it is not so good to use Hangout if you SMS important things. As SMS back up is important for a Smartphone user in recent days, developers need to find out a better solution for the Hangout messages backup for the Android.

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