How to Backup and Restore Firefox Bookmarks (with Pictures)
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What is the bookmark? Bookmark is a collection of a website address stored for a later opened again when the web is needed. For example, today you store a website address on education, well, one day when you want to learn more on those sites, you simply search for it in the page bookmarks. Why should use a bookmark? Well this is the goal in order to facilitate you sort and search any site that you have saved or that you've visited before. In addition, you need to know if the storage format on the bookmark are not all the same. This depends on the type of browser you use. Well, following are also there was type of storage format of every browser. And do not forget that each wants to restore the bookmark data, you do not need to change the format, simply to import the data and all will be resolved.

On this occasion I will share how to backup and restore Firefox bookmarks, so it was clear that what I mean is the Mozilla Firefox browser and not the other. If you want something else on the browser, I will be taking in the future. Please read more.

If the Google Chrome browser has bookmarks *.html format, whereas the format *.adr Opera, and Internet Explorer format *.htm, so different from the format owned bookmarking Mozilla Firefox that *.json. Well, you need to know if the Firefox browser capable of storing all the data such as passwords, bookmarks and extensions that exist in the computer profile. Therefore if we want to backup, restore or move it to the new directory then have to copy all of the files in these profiles into one.

If you have many collections websites on Firefox bookmarks, and want to move to another browser or fear you have lost your bookmark list when Reinstall Firefox, then the only thing you can do is back up your bookmarks to be restored later. For those of you who do not know how to backup and restore Firefox bookmarks, below we provide guidance.

Step One: Open the Firefox page and then open the Bookmarks menu> Show all Bookmarks. After the new window opens, click the Import and Backup button and then select Backup.

Step Two: Windows will open select the storage you will save a bookmarked location, in the File name field fill in the name of the bookmark file would you save as you wish, then click Save. Bookmarks that you save has the format * .JSON. If you give the file name My_Bookmark the full name of the bookmarked file is My_Bookmark.json. To move the backup is complete. Now we'll go to the next step, namely Restore.

EditDoing Restore Data Import Bookmarks or Mozilla Firefox

Step Three: To perform a data restore bookmarks, click on Import and Backup and select Restore then restore the data sub-menu will appear. In the image below, there are many options that can restore bookmarks due to circumstances that I use the browser already there are many pages into the bookmark.


However, if circumstances Firefox browser in case of a fresh install, the option will not be found and you just click on the Choose File to open the data file format .json previous bookmarks you have saved.

Step Four: Select Choose File and open the bookmark name that had been we store as shown below


For the next, Mozilla Firefox will start the data import bookmarks from a file that you select. After the import process is completed, please check the data of your bookmarks on the bookmarks menu in the browser.

Step Five: Still through the Import and Backup button, click Export Bookmarks to HTML. Then will appear the Export Bookmark dialog box, select the file storage location bookmarked. In the File name field the contents of the file name that you want to save the bookmark to your liking and then click Save. Export step is complete, we now turn to the last point, namely Import.


Step Six: Click Import Bookmarks from HTML. Then will appear the Import Bookmarks dialog box, select the bookmark locations that are imported and then click Open. Import step was completed. Very easy is not it? Basically backup and export have the same characteristics, ie, make a copy of the existing bookmarks in Firefox into a file that can be moved. Similarly, restore, import, copy bookmarks are contained in the file into the Firefox bookmarks. The difference lies only in the type of file that is used, ie if the backup and restore using the file type *.JSON while import and export using the file type *.html.


Well, after arriving at the end of the article, it is very clear that perform backup and restore data on the bookmark is very easy, just click a few buttons are available on the browser page, and we are just waiting process is complete. Not much different from the how to backup and restore Firefox bookmarks, to backup and restore bookmarks on other browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera is not as difficult as imagined. In addition we also came to know the benefits of bookmarks on each browser, we can easily store all of the data and the address of the site we want to make a collection or reading at a later time. In this way, we like to have a private library in our computer. Fun, is not it?

Well, now if you have a different version of Firefox, stay connected with the web, then I'll make sure you get the solution in performing how backup and restore Firefox bookmarks. For the next I will provide easy and clear tutorial for you to follow, and do not forget to give feedback, suggestions and comments are good. We also will always read the comments that came in and immediately find a solution to your complaint in a tutorial how to back up and restore Firefox bookmarks. That's all and thank you. Have a nice day

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