How to Backup Your Skype Chats and Audio Conversations Online
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Skype is an online application through which we can do video calls and voice calls to other Skype contacts for free. The Skype users can also send text messages, video messages, images and files to other users. The users can also do conference calls through Skype, which means that multiple users can talk to each other via voice and video simultaneously. Skype is available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and on mobile devices such as iOS, android, Blackberry and windows phone. If you call from one Skype contact to another Skype contact, then it is free. But if you want to call from Skype to landlines or mobile phones, then you will have to buy Skype credits to do so.

Skype was initially released August 2003. Now, there are more than 300 million users of Skype. So now that you have an idea of the popularity of Skype, you can imagine it yourself that people can use it for many purposes. As long as there is an internet connection, people can talk to each other regardless of how much far they are geographically, and they can do so for free. Skype users can talk to their friends and family for free now. As you might know it very well that regular landline calls and mobile calls are not very cheap now, and international calls are much more expensive, so in this case Skype is very exciting. Skype users can not only talk to each other via voice, but they can also do video calls with other Skype users for free. They can also send free instant messages to each other.

So now that people use Skype to contact each other, there may be some things that they might never want to lose. They may have some contact, messages or audio conversations that may be very important for them and they may not want to lose those things ever. So what would you do in that case? It is pretty clear. You will have to make a backup of everything that you saved on your Skype. So how are you going to make a backup ? yeah I know.. I got you there. So today I am going to show you that how can you make the backup of your Skype chats and audio conversations. Now follow the instructions below and then you will know how to do it.

How to Backup your Skype Chats and Conversations

So first you need to make sure that the data is stored in your PC by Skype, so that later we can create a backup through that data. Now if you want to check that whether skype can store local data or not, then first you have to open Skype and then you have to click on “Tool” in the top menu. Then you have to click on the “Options” tab. Now you should see this kind of screen:


After you click options, then you have to click on the privacy tab and then on the privacy settings option. After you click on it, now there will be a heading which says “keep history for”. There will be a drop down menu below this heading. You have to make sure that it is set to forever option, and not on no history option. The screen will look something like this:


Backup Skype chat history

So now you know that your Skype chat history is being recorded in your PC, now you have to make its backup. Now you have to quit Skype. And you have to make sure that it is completely shutdown. If you just close the window, it will not be completely shut down. You will have to right click on the Skype icon which is present in the task bar, and then you will have to select the “Quit Skype” option. Now the Skype app will be completely closed. Now you have to press the Windows+R buttons on your keyboard and then the Run dialog will open up on the screen. Now in the run dialog, you have to type the following: “%appdata%Skype”. Now you have to click OK.


Entering this command will open all of your Skype data in a Skype conversation history folder. Now you have to find a file there, which is named after your Skype user name. You have to go inside this folder. Now there will be a file. “main.db” will be the name of this file. This file has all the Skype chat data. Now you have to copy Skype chat history file and save Skype conversations somewhere safe. You will see screens like this:


How to Recover Skype Conversations :

Now if you want to use the data which is stored in the .db file that you just copied, then you have to take it back to same folder from which you copied it. After that you will see all the content in the Skype app. You can also view and edit the .db file by using Microsoft SQLite. Now when you copy your .db file back to that folder, there will be a new main.db file there now. When you copy the old one there, it will ask you to copy and replace it. Don’t worry you can replace it because Skype servers have also saved all of your new data. And when you replace it, your old chat will also be shown in the Skype app.


Now all of your data has been saved both on your PC and on Skype servers. This method is not automatic but it is very reliable.

How to Backup or Record Skype Audio Conversation

Now that you have learned how to backup your Skype chats, now I will also show you how to backup your Skype audio calls. You can do this by using a Windows desktop tool. This tool is free to use. It can also save your messages as well as audio conversations. It also provides you with cloud storage. The name of this Skype backup tool is Simkl. So first thing is that you have to download this software. You can download it from the following link: [[1]]. In this website, click on download button. Now you will be asked to log in to your account, you can also sign up through you Facebook account, and you can also create a new account.


After you have logged in, it will ask you that from which instant messenger do you want to save the chat history from. You also have to set your time zone too. Now after installing simkl on your PC, you have to run Skype. Then simkl will ask you the access of Skype. You have to allow access.


Now if you ever make a Skype call, you will receive a notification telling you that your Skype call is being recorded. The screen will be like this:


Now if you want to view all of your recordings, then you will have to right-click on the simkl icon and then click on the folder which is “open folder with call recordings”. All of your Skype call recordings will be saved in that folder. And if you want to see all of your text conversations, then you have to click on the option which says “view history online”. It will look something like this:


On the simkl website, you can see all of your Skype contacts on the right side, click on any one of the contact and it will open its chat history. And you can also view your call recordings. The screens will be like this:


Simkl will always be running in your PC background. So when you are have a voice call or text messaging over Skype, simkl will be recording it in the background.

So this is how you can make a backup of your Skype chat history and audio conversations. I have described these very easy ways to do these things. I hope you enjoyed this article. Hope to see you soon. Thanks. !

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