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Garmin enables you to update the device or add maps using a Secure Digital (SD) card. This SD card might be your own card that you personally loaded with maps or a preloaded card you purchased through a Garmin reseller. Creating a copy of this card protects against accidental erasure and provides a backup before updating a map set on an SD card. However, maps preloaded on Garmin SD cards are tied to the card, so when you restore maps from a backup, the recovered maps must be copied to the original card to be functional.


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    Remove the SD card from the Garmin device according to its instruction manual. Depending on your Garmin model, the SD card may be located behind a side SD card door or beneath the rear battery pack.
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    Insert the SD card into your computer's card reader. If your computer does not have a card reader, purchasing an external USB card reader quickly adds that capability. Alternatively, connect the Garmin directly to your computer using the USB connection cable, so that the Garmin itself functions as a card reader.
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    Click "Open Folder to View Files" from the Windows 7 AutoPlay window to view the SD card's contents in Windows Explorer.
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    Right-click the SD card's drive letter and select "Copy."
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    Right-click another folder on your computer's hard drive and select "Paste." A new folder is created, based on the name of your SD card, and the entirety of the SD card is copied there.
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    Right-click the SD card's drive letter again and select "Eject" before removing it from your computer and reinstalling it in your Garmin device.


  • Garmin offers a HomePort program that enables you to back up Garmin user data, such as routes, tracks and waypoints, to an SD card and subsequently back up that card to your computer. This feature is useful for maintaining a backup before upgrading your device.

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