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Little boys love mischief.

If the bulk of your child-care experience is with the gentler sex, you should know that little boys are creatures with qualities that set them apart. Whereas a girl might sit quietly coloring a page, a little boy is more likely to run around like a chicken without a head, flapping its wings and disrupting everything in its path. A 3-year-old boy is charming, sweet, playful, lovable and hell on wheels. Go in with a game plan, always be on your toes and never let your guard down.


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    Find out in advance about any need-to-know information from his parents. If it’s during the day, ask whether he still naps. Ask about his nighttime routine, including what time he goes to bed. As about his meal and snack routines and whether he has any allergies. Find out what his favorite toys and activities are.
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    Plan some activities beforehand. Play is serious business for kids, and having an adult to go along for the ride is like Shangri-La for a 3-year-old. If he loves cars, it could be as easy as making a raceway out of building blocks and getting down on the floor with him to play. If the little munchkin has his own ideas for fun, follow his lead -- within reason. Just keep him busy so he stays out of trouble. As far his interests go, an extremely sweeping generalization is that 3-year-old boys are into cars, trucks, superheroes and balls. If you want a more all-encompassing picture, they could be into anything, which isn't really helpful.
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    Go outside and let him run the stink off of him. Expending all that excess energy outside is a good thing, and will hopefully make for less destruction when you’re back inside. Play catch. At 3 years of age, a child has the hand-eye coordination to catch a ball, but might not have yet practiced the skill. A large, soft beachball-type toy is your best bet, or something else soft like a bean bag.
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    Take him to a field and chase him. Being chased, or chasing others, is a never-ending source of amusement for little dudes. They also love to dig holes. A lot. Give him a shovel or a front-end loader, and let him dig to his heart’s content – mud or sand, it doesn’t matter. If there’s dirt to move, he’s on the job.
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    Have some quiet play time before his nap or bed, and read him some stories. Try to follow his normal going-to-bed routine as closely as possible, as preschoolers can be quite resistant to the idea of sleep -- especially if he’s just spent the last few hours having fun with you.


  • Three-year-old boys like to get down and dirty, and you’ll be right there with him. Dress appropriately.Don’t let him out of your sight when you’re outside, he might be a bolter. Stay within a few feet of him. Little boys can be magnets for trouble.

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