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A Nike + iPod Sport Kit or sensor enables you to track your walking or running workout routines using your iPod Nano or iPod Touch. Your workout information is tracked using a sensor placed in a compatible Nike+ shoe. Once you complete a workout, you can upload the information recorded by your iPod to the Nike+ website for you to review.


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    Connecting: The method for connecting your iPod to the Nike + iPod sensor depends on your iPod's model. The iPod Nano requires the Nike + iPod receiver, which you plug into the Nano's connection port, to connect to the sensor. If you're using a 5th generation or earlier iPod Nano, "Nike + iPod" appears in the main menu. For 6th generation and later Nanos, "Fitness" appears in the Settings menu. You can connect the iPod Touch to the sensor without the receiver by turning the "Nike + iPod" switch, located in Settings, to "On." Once on, a Nike + iPod icon appears on the home screen.
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    Sensor: The Nike + iPod sensor fits in a pocket under the sole of a Nike+ ready shoe. Lift the sole to find a foam insert in the pocket; remove it, and then insert the sensor. Don't throw the foam insert away -- you'll need to place it back in the pocket if you plan to wear the shoes for an extended period of time after working out to extend battery life. The battery has a lifespan of approximately 1,000 hours, and the battery is not replaceable.
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    Workout Types: Nike + iPod features four workout types to help you achieve your fitness goals. When you work out with time, distance or calorie-burning goals, the program ends when you reach the goal you've entered. The open-ended workout doesn't have any goals that you have to reach -- the workout is over when you manually stop the program. Choose your workout type from the "Nike + iPod" menu on 5th generation or earlier iPod Nanos and the iPod Touch, and in the "Run" menu on 6th generation or later Nanos.
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    Features: After selecting a workout type, you're given the option to play music, podcasts and audiobooks. You can also choose to work out without playing any audio files. Another feature of Nike + iPod is audio feedback of your workout progress. By default, you automatically receive feedback at different intervals of your workout. You can also manually control audio feedback by pressing the center button on the 5th generation and earlier Nano, the "Sleep/Wake" button on the 6th generation and earlier Nano, or the "Home" button on the iPod Touch.
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    Workout Data: Your workout data is uploaded to the Nike+ website for you to review (link in Resources). Data is uploaded to the website wirelessly using an iPod Touch, or from your computer using an iPod Nano. When using an iPod Touch, tap "History," the workout that you want to upload, and then the "Send to Nike+" button. Enter your Nike+ login information to complete the upload. For the iPod Nano, connect the Nano to a computer, and then click "Send" when prompted to upload your data. Enter your login information to complete the upload.

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