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Your iPod enables you to take your favorite music with you wherever you go, providing access to thousands of songs at the touch of a button. You can also play and organize all your music in a number of ways. However, sorting songs in alphabetical order must be done through iTunes before syncing the iPod.


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    Playlists: The best way to organize iPod music is to group songs into playlists, or customized song lists that are configured to play in a predetermined order. Building a playlist is as easy as clicking the "+" button or choosing "New Playlist" from the iTunes File options and then dragging songs from your music library. Once a playlist is synced from your computer's iTunes account to the iPod, it is too late to edit the order. Alphabetizing the playlist must be done on iTunes before syncing takes place.
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    Alphabetizing: To sort your playlists in alphabetical order, open iTunes and access your music library. Click the "Playlists" button from among the options at the top of the screen. Highlight the playlist you would like to alphabetize from the list in the left panel. You will now be able to add new songs to the playlist or manually reorganize existing songs by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Click the "Name" column heading to automatically sort the list in alphabetical order. The next time you synch your iPod, the playlist will be transferred exactly as it appears in iTunes, presenting the songs in alphabetical order.
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    On-The-Go: An iPod Classic also has an On-The-Go feature that enables you to create playlists while listening to your music. When you hear a song that you want to add to your On-The-Go playlist, press and hold the iPod's "Center" button until an option menu appears. Select "Add to On-The-Go" and then press the "Center" button again. Repeat the process to build your entire playlist. The songs will play in the order in which they're added. If you plan ahead, you can assemble the playlist in alphabetical order.
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    Options: Even though your iPod playlist is now alphabetized, you still have other options available for playback. Access the iPod's Settings menu and select "Shuffle" to randomize the playlist's order, creating a completely new listening experience. You can also select "Repeat" from the Settings menu to set the playlist for continuous play, meaning the playlist will play completely through and then restart at the beginning each time.

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