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All iPhones from the iPhone 3GS model forward have the ability to print wirelessly directly from the phone. A feature called AirPrint, which is built into the operating system, provides this functionality if you have an AirPrint-enabled printer; no drivers are required. Many apps available on the iPhone support AirPrint, including iBooks, Mail, Photos and Safari.


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    Visit the Apple website to ensure your printer is AirPrint-enabled. Read your printer manufacturer’s website or documentation to determine if the printer needs a firmware update or a setting enabled to allow AirPrint to work properly. If so, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to perform the update or configure the AirPrint setting.
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    Check to make sure your printer is on the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. Click “Start” and then “Computer” on Windows 7. Left-click “Network” and look for your PC and printer. If you have more than one network, move the printer to the same network as your computer by selecting “Add Printer” in the appropriate network and following the on-screen directions.
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    Open Mail or any other AirPrint enabled app. Open the specific item that you wish to print. Click the action icon indicated by an arrow on the dock on an Apple-native app. Tap “Print.” Choose your printer if you have more than one and indicate the number of copies you wish to make. Tap “Print” once again.
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    Double-tap the Home button to access the Print Center if you want to verify the printing status.


  • Print Center is only available while a document is printing.
  • If AirPrint does not work properly, reboot the printer and iPhone. If it still does not work, wirelessly print from your computer. If neither device can print, reboot your router as well.


  • You can only use AirPrint with an AirPrint-enabled printer. A wireless printer without AirPrint will not work with your iPhone. If you are buying a new printer, check the Apple website or the printer manufacturer for enabled printers. The feature should also be noted on the printer box. Many non-native Apple apps are AirPrint enabled, however the Print icon may be found in a variety of places within the app and is usually not represented with an arrow. Check Help within the app to find the specific location for that app.

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