How to Add Text and Links to an Evernote Note Using iPhone and iPad
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Evernote is one of the most useful applications that help people to take note from the people. If you are a text-based note taker then Evertone is the best application for you. This application is fast clear and omnipresent across all main platforms. Many times you need to copy some text at the time of your search in web browser in your mobile at that time you can take help of the Evernote. This is very easy to use and easy to save and a useful app for the people. You can use this app at the time when you are searching for a food preparation and you need to note down the ingredients and the making process. You can also copy the website links and save it manually in this application. When you got a new idea, and you need to write it down suddenly then Evernote is a good option. If you want to write down some new note with in some time then just open the drafts and type down and save it you can find a text field with a key board there. Otherwise you can also add text by opening the note and write but it will take a bit long time. There are two diverse use cases you can use for two different iPhone and iPad apps for work flow the charges is $4.99 and Drafts it is $9.99


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    Drafts are a useful app that most of the people use to save their important text that is useful and important to them. In this you don’t need to find out where the text will go. In this you can easily find your app by open the app and type it out so you will never forget it out. Now we will set a unique way to send message text to an Evernote called new ideas. If there is no such notes before then Evernote will create for you. For this you have to install the Evernote app and when of prompted, gives Drafts the permission to use to the Evernote. To set it up you have to follow the below mentioned steps these are like:To set it up 1st you have to open the app and have to tap on the Draft icon which is present at the top-right corner of the application screen. From the next screen you have to click the Plus button and have to select Create Action.
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    On the next you have to give the name of the action. This is one of the most important step choose an proper name so that you can easily understand from the save list for further action. After then tap the steps icon and after Plus action. From the list, you need to navigate to the service and select Evernote to confirm the action.
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    After do all the above steps you have to replace the existing text with the title of the note. This step is known as “New ideas” and this is case-sensitive. If you want to give tags then you can edit the tag name also.
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    From write type, you have to select append and hit save button for save the note. Go back to action; tap the done button for the action creation.
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    Now, go back to the Drafts home screen, write your important notes and after then tap the drafts icon and from the basic list, select the action that you already created as before. If you can’t find it, use the search feature.Once you done it, Drafts will show a confirmation note and your text will added to the end of the New ideas note in the by default notebook in the Evernote app. It is obvious that it will take some time to set it up and you should do this for four to five of your most used notes for scrawl down ideas. But once it set up you have a chance to use it fast and easily. You can easily extract text from your brain easily in this Evernote app. You can also use workflow to add clipboard and links to Evernotes. In this you have to tap the gallery button that is present at the top and the great action extensions from the carousel on the top. From the list you have to tap theAppend to Evernote and chooseGet Workflow.


  • These above useful tips and methods that of the people use to get the best result for the add text and links to an Evernote from Anywhere in iOS. You can now follow these steps and can easily save your important text and without any problem links to the Evernote Note from anywhere in iOS easily.

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