How to Add Custom Replies for Messages on Apple Watch: 7 Steps
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Today we are going to know about, how to add custom replies for messages on Apple watch, but before that it is very necessary for all of us to know something about Apple watch. What is Apple watch? How it works? What are it features?Apple watch is a smart watch made and developed by Apple Company or in short Apple Inc. It incorporates or in the sense, it is made for fitness tracking and mostly has many health oriented capabilities such as checking blood pressure, sugar levels etc. As well as integration with the ‘Apple’ smart phone and other Apple products and services. This kind of device is available in three collections:-a) Apple watch sport b) Apple watch c) Apple watch edition. This watch is categorized by different combinations of cases and first or third party bands. Apple watch depends on a wirelessly connected iPhone 5 or above to perform many of its default functions like calling or texting. It is compatible or suitable with the iPhone 5 or latest models, through the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Features: The Apple watch works with ‘Apple Pay’, a mobile payment system. It is capable of receiving phone calls and iMessage and SMS texts via a paired iPhone and can track fitness, run third party apps and use in Apple feature called “Handoff”. It can control Apple TV, and act as viewfinder for an iPhone camera, give the wearer or user directions via ‘Native Maps App’, and can store loyalty, cards and tickets in ‘Wallet’. Apple watch includes ‘Siri,’ a personal assistant app, which works as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. The feature uses ‘natural language user interface’ to answer questions, Make recommendations and perform actions by delegating requests to set off web services such as Wolfram or Alpha. Apple watch uses a technology called “Force Touch”, which allows it to sense the amount force being applied to the display. If the watch battery depletes to less than one percent, the watch will automatically enter a ‘power reserve’ mode, which allows the user to continue reading the time for extra 72 hours. The watch then reverts to its normal mode when recharged. The feature can also be activated using ‘Battery Glance’.Add Custom Responses for Messages on Apple Watch: Now we gained some knowledge about Apple watch and its features, now we are going to know, how custom replies are added on Apple watch. Because replying message is very easy and quite very simple on Apple watch. But, you cannot type a message due to Apple watch small screen size. Yet, there is option to reply to any message through pre-define texts, funny emoticons and voice messages. Sending someone a recorded message as voice or text helps you communicate conveniently. However sometimes or when Apple watch user faces an emergency situation, He or she would rather prefer to send a text message silently. If you have enabled ‘Handoff’ on your Apple Watch, then you can reply to any message through long text via your iPhone. However, it cannot be a good solution as you need to keep your iPhone with you.You can add Custom replies for your messages on Apple Watch using these simple steps:


  1. 1
    Launch ‘Apple Watch App’ on your iPhone.
  2. 2
    Scroll down & tap on ‘Messages’ option.
  3. 3
    Tap on ‘Default Replies’.
  4. 4
    Tap on the line to create your custom response and then save it.
  5. 5
    Reply to a message using ‘Custom reply’:
  6. 6
    Checking out any new message, which you have received, scroll down using “Digital Crown” switch and then tap on ‘Reply’ Option.
  7. 7
    After that, you will have options to send pre-defined custom texts. Simply select a text and send it to your friend.


  • You can or any ‘Apple Watch’ user can optionally, record a message by tapping on ‘Microphone’ symbol and then send it as voice or text message. There is also another option to send emoticons or emojis. Simply tap on ‘Emojis’ icon and select your favorite ‘emojis’ icon and then send it wherever or to whoever you want. Now our most favorite ‘Apple Watch’ comes with several default applications as well, which we can use it to our advantage and we should have a brief description of those apps like ‘Watch Kit’ This type of app runs in the background of iPhone as an addition or added application while a set of native user interactive resources are installed on Apple watch. This app can be split or categorized into:1) Watch kit apps,2) Glances and 3)App notifications. The watch’s app store is not located on the device, but instead on a wireless connected phone. The user must have to pair the two devices and also have to install ‘Apple Watch’ app on an iPhone.

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